Trincher Takes Down 2009 Foxwoods Poker Classic

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The 2009 Foxwoods Poker Classic final began with five players and took over eight hours to get down to heads-up play. The crowd favorite Amnon Filippi had eliminated all three players from the tournament and found himself with a slight lead (4.1 million to 3.7 million) over his opponent, Vadim Trincher.

But 10 hours after this poker game began, Fillipi found himself all-in with the best of it. His [Jc 4d] was up against Trincher’s [6s 7s] on a [Js 5s 5d] flop. Not one, but two spades would fall on the turn and river sealing the win for Trincher and a first place prize of $731,079. For his runner-up finish, Fillipi would receive $409,405.

Here are the official final table results:
1. Vadim Trincher – $731,079
2. Amnon Filippi – $409,405
3. Lenny Cortellino – $214,449
4. Matthew Casterella – $138,905
5. Alex Perelberg – $106,007

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