Pokerstars’ final May Porsche giveaway tournament.

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porscheThe final tournament to win your brand new Porsche is coming soon.  Pokerstars has announced that their 10th and final Porsche that they will be giving away is going to be included in the May31st tournament.  This tournament is a turbo takedown with a $1,000,000 prize pool.  On top of the money that the first place winner will take, they will also receive a Porsche Cayman S.  The incentive to win the Porsche is almost enough, but 1/3 players will also cash in this tournament.
The original buy-in for this was a whopping 5k fpp(frequent player points), but Pokerstars thought that was a bit unfair.  So for this final event the direct buy-in will be 2k fpp points, with many 8 fpp super-satellites to get into the tournament.
The cap for seats was at 10,000 but Pokerstars also juiced that number up to 30,000 players allowed.  Even though there are more seats, they still filling up fast! So be sure to register early, make time, and be on top of your game to have a chance to win yourself a brand new car!

Can you be just like Dario Minieri and own a PokerStars Porsche?  (Except paying all those FPP of course!)

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