Earn $50 free on Full Tilt Poker this September.

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Full Tilt Poker is giving away $50 during the month of September, as well as Double Points ANYTIME during the day.

A new promotion called “Take 2” is starting on Full Tilt in which players will have the chance to earn up to $50 with minimal requirements.

Many players play in the Happy hour which gives 3x or 2x Full Tilt Points, but now for this month, you can earn double points at all time.

Here’s are the requirements:

– You must be playing on at least two cash game tables at one time.
– You must earn at least 1 FTP in your session.
– You must play in 25 of the 30 days in September while meeting these qualifications to earn the complete $50.

The money will be released in segments, like all of FTP’s bonuses.
If you qualify 5/30 days, you will receive $5 credit.
If you qualify 10/30 days, you will receive a $10 credit.  Adding that $5 to it you now have $15 in bonus.
If you qualifty 15/30 days, you will receive another $10 credit, now totaling $25.
Finally, if you qualify in 25/30 days, you will receive a $25 credit, with the final total equalling $50.

Note: All bonuses will be paid out at the end of the promotional month.

If playing in more than two tables at one time, your top two earning tables will be counted for this promotion.

If you happen to play in the Happy Hour at night, you will also receive your bonus FTP from that as well.  This is a great way to boost your Full Tilt Points to earn great prizes and special bonuses available.

Don’t have any funds on Full Tilt?  Be sure to use our bonus code POAM for 100% up to $600 bonus.

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