Rumor Wednesday: New iPod line up to be introduced.

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Apple-MarblesApple has released plans to introduce new iPod touch September 9th which will feature a point-and-click camera.

Apple has been the front runners in MP3 and personal video players in the electronics world the past four years.  After evolving from the original iPod to the iPod Video, the Nano, and Touch, Apple is going another step further.  The iPod touch will now feature a new camera to replace that digital camera taking space in your pocket/purse.  Although this feature headlines changes to come, Apple has assured its users that there will be other upgrades that can be expected.

The iPod touch isn’t the only story this September.  Apple is rumored to release the new plans of the iTunes 9 software which will have a new software platform not expected to be released until early 2010.  iTunes 9 will feature a new social networking addition which will allow iTunes users to share and connect to each other, a new in Apple software.

Even though a date has been set for when Apple is expected to release their new iPod and iTunes plans, there is not yet a set location for this event.  It is thought that Apple will return to their previous conventions at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center.

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    I surely hope the new iPod Touches integrate technologies from Ambarella and Imagination technologies to create a iPod + Flip video HD device. Judging by the recent press release by Ambarella, I don’t expect such a fusion until next year, but it would be a dream if came next month. Desperately waiting for something new.


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