Changes in Mac’s prices and notebooks on the horizon.

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Apple is expected to release a new line of laptops before the holiday season which will feature a new low in prices.

Recent reports have indicated that Apple will be launching their new lines of Mac Books just in time for the holiday season.  Included in the new design will be a thinner laptop and sleeker edges.  The same horsepower can be expected with these Mac notebooks, but cosmetically enhanced.

While releasing their new product, Apple will be slicing prices on each model up to $300.  The reason for these price cuts are to compete with the new Windows 7 coming out as well as the advertising attack Windows has brought on Apple.  Previously, price reductions were only done on the high end MacBook Pro notebooks.

Apple issued their predictions for the last quarter of the year which is expected to exceed over 3 million notebook products sold.

Not only will the hardware be upgraded, but users new and old can expect software enhancement and audio/video capability to be at its best.

Also, Apple will be issuing its new line of plastic Mac books.  These new Macs will be the first under $1000 notebook that Mac has issued.  This notebook will be one of the main reasons why Apple is expected to see their sales rise dramatically.

What does this mean for all of the Mac poker players out there?  With all of these units expected to be sold, it will force the online poker rooms that do not have a Mac compatible client to get in gear and satisfy their users.

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