iPhone to get a network upgrade from At&t

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att-3g-iphoneAfter Apple’s announcement of looking for an additional carrier to support the coveted iPhone, At&t has stepped up to the plate and has begun to upgrade network.

Thoughts of losing the iPhone are swirling in At&t’s mind right now.  In attempts to halt or stop these, At&t are already upgrading their service to customers using 3G on their network, starting with the tri-state region.

Apple had recently reported the intention to pick up another network (Verizon) not only to expand their reign over the cellphone world, but to get better network performance for their product.  Verizon network seems to be the obvious choice with their already massive network, great customer service, and 4G ready speeds.

Even being the nations second largest network, it has not been until now At&t had given back to their customers.  The recent upgrade in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Long Island) has made an immediate impact on this highly saturated area.  The main notice in change is the reception, coverage, and wireless broadband speed provided to high data-use customers.

At&t doesn’t plan to stop here, over the next 18 months, over 1,900 wireless towers will be added to extend the network, as well as a faster nationwide 3G network.  Upgrades have already been seen in the WiFi hot spots where At&t has dominated the competition.  Already in 2009, they have exceeded the 2008 numbers, and At&t doesn’t plan to stop there.

“From time to time, AT&T has expressed concerns regarding network efficiency and potential network congestion associated with certain applications, and Apple takes such concerns into consideration,” Apple said in its letter.

At&t and iPhone customers can expect drastic changes in the months to come.  Your once slow web browser and poor reception will become fast again.  At&t also looks to add a few smaller changes to enhance your wireless experience.

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