Rumor Wednesday: Verizon to be hosting iPhones services?

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AT&T’s iPhone gold mine is expected be headed to other major U.S. carriers within the next year.  Verizon’s 4G network leads talk.

Apple investors and researches have come together the past few weeks to answer some troubling questions about the Apple company.  A major issue that was brought up was the iPhone market.  Although there has been great success over the past few years, numbers have seemed to plateau compared to theinitial release of the iPhone.

Apple had great success with the new iPhone 3G and 3GS entering the market in the last 18 months.  Inventory went low, and expectations were greatly exceeded within Apple.  Even though revenue was good, Apple wanted to take it one step further and offer it to a larger client base.

Currently, iPhone is exclusively released on the AT&T network, ignoring any other markets available to the general public.  This has worked for the company the past few years, but change is on the bubble.

As soon as early 2010, you may see the iPhone on the Verizon network.  Verizon has been the popular choice ever sense the topic came up because of their solid customer service, good coverage, and their new and advanced 4G network.

What can iPhone users expect from AT&T and perhaps Verizon this year?

Negotiations are in place currently with AT&T to keep the iPhone strictly with their network.  Although iPhone customers have been upset and unfaithful with the AT&T service, changes can be expected to enhance the AT&T experience.  One being the speed and dependability of the 3G internet service.

If a new carrier such as Verizon are able to pick up this product phenomenon, customers will likely see large instant discounts for the iPhone in attempts to attract new customers to their company.

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