iPhone gets challenged again, this time by the Storm 2.

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blackberry_logoThe best has yet to come as Research in Motion (makes of the BlackBerry) have released the new Storm 2.

Research in Motion is going to take another crack at the touch screen title.  The previous, Storm, was not as quite as a big hitRiM had anticipated.  Verizon and RiM teamed up to try to make the Storm a huge success, but did not quite reach the pinnacle of the phone world.  The Storm 2 will be the next heavyweight to take on the iPhone.  One of most popular upgrades to the Storm 2 will be a new technology called “SurePress” which makes using the touch screen a breeze.

Some other upgrades RiM have included in the Storm 2 is:

  • A brand new, better working GPS system.  Enhanced maps and location programs will also be available to the Storm 2 users.
  • Expanded storage.  Already having the 2GB memory space for all of your ring tones, e-mails, pictures, and texts.  Another expandable storage compartment is included which will use the microSD cards.  The 16GB card will be supported as well as the 32GB card (when released).
  • New SurePress screen which makes texting, navigating, and phone use easier.
  • An improved battery with 280 hours of standby life, as well as 6 hours of continual talk time on the 3G network.  Batteries again will beremovable and replaceable by the user.

One other huge hit for the Storm 2 is the use of WiFi networks.  Now the Storm 2 will be able to connect to WiFi hot spots for faster browsing speeds.  Also, the QWERTY keyboard, in portrait mode, is easier to access and is redesigned for better use.

The Storm 2 has only been released in Europe and surrounding countries as of late.  The release is happening right before the holidays where the best companies will rise to the top and the others will fade out.

Will RiM have a chance at taking over the iPhone?  If RiM wants a legitimate shot at being a top touch screen phone, they will need to release the Storm 2 in the United States as well.  Be sure to look for it at your local electronics store before the holidays.

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