New 27″ iMac and cost effective MacBook released

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apple-imac-2009-1The new MacBook Pros and iMacs have been released to Apple stores across the world, headlined by the massive 27″ iMac, and cost effective MacBook White.

Apple has been trying to figure out ways to not only improve their iMac and MacBook lines, but also reach out to a whole different client. The budget spender.  Finally, Apple has created the MacBook White, which is available as low as $999.

White 13″ MacBooks

The baby of the MacBook family may be getting all of the love this holiday season.  The 13″ MacBook White may be considered the best selling MacBook of all time.  With its new $999 price tag, and same fast hardware, it will be hard to overestimate this new product.  Although, the new casing is plastic, thus the durabilty goes down a slight.

This MacBook still comes with a super fast 2.26GHz core-2-duo processor, 2 GB of ram, an LED lit screen, 9400M nVidia graphics, and a long lasting 7 hour battery.  Not only are these the same specifications than the previous MacBook Pros, but it is also just as light and easy to carry around.

13″ 15″ 17″ MacBook Pros

The MacBook Pro was primarily made for one thing, Power.  Sticking with that same concept, Apple has increased the speeds of these laptops to satisfy the demands of its users.  While still using its sleek uni-body casing, the Pro looks and feels better than ever.

The new processors put into these Pro MacBooks are faster, and more reliable.  The new speeds of the core-2-duos are 2.53GHz, 2.66GHz, 2.8GHz, and the mega fast 3.06GHz processor.  Of course, it will cost a pretty penny to have the fastest of the fast at your desk.  The video card uses the same 9400m nVidia, but is upgradeable to the more graphics friendly 9600GT nVidia.  Massive amounts of RAM, a huge storage hard drive, and numerous expandable ports are just a few more features on this new MacBook Pro.

21″ and 27″ iMac

Mac users wanted a bigger screen, faster speeds, better looks, and more features included with their iMacs.  Their prayers and wishes have been answered.  The enhanced backlit LED screen makes for exceptionally vibrant and sharp colors.  Also, the new wireless magic mouse will make navigation of the iMac better than ever.

Now for the good stuff, the speed of this monster.  The processor is the ultra fast core-2-duo 3.06GHz, but what makes the iMac stand alone is the room for upgrades.  Users can choose to have the QUAD core i5 or i7 processors put into their computers for speeds only the Enterprise can reach.  The graphics still has the reliable 9400M nVidia in it, but is upgradeable to the smooth 4850 ATI Radeon.  Tons of storage space, and lots of RAM makes this new iMac the computer of the future.

Also, these new iMacs have the features that of a T.V.  So when all the work is done on your multimedia king, you can switch over to your BlueRay player, T.V. or even other Apple accessories, and enjoy the delight of the 27″ screen even more.

You can be assured these products will be flying off the shelves at Apple stores around the world, so be sure to check them out as soon as possible and get your hands on the latest and greatest in the technology world.

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