Poker Pro Arrested for Murder

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Marcus Bebb-Jones, a 46 year old poker professional from the United Kingdom, faces life in prison without the chances of parole for the murder ofbebb-jones2 his wife twelve years ago.  Back in 1997 Bebb-Jones and his wife, Sabrina, owned a hotel in Grand Junction, Colorado when employees reported Sabrina to be missing.  Marcus was not convicted at the time even though his wife’s blood was found inside his vehicle but the police could not locate Sabrina’s body so no arrest could be made.

A few days later report Marcus tried to commit suicide after being questioned by police but the suicide attempt failed.   Marcus then decided to move to the UK along with his three year old son. Bebb -Jones decided to pick up the game of poker and ended up being very successful.  Marcus became one of Britain’s premiere poker stars as he won the 2007Grosvenor Grand Prix event in Walsal and £90,000 for first place efforts.

In 2004 hikers found the skull remains of Sabrina and hikers then reported the skull to the police and since it took this long to convict Marcus he was able to play in that tournament.  This week, Marcus was arrested at his mother’s home.  He will be held in custody until the judge decides if Marcus will be eligible for deportation back to the United States.  The final decision will ultimately be made by the Home Secretary.  An U.S. Government state prosecutor had this to say regarding Marcus Bebb-Jones,

“Mr. Bebb-Jones is sought for the murder of his wife. He is responsible for the murder, and the deliberate concealment of it for many years. On the weekend following that incident it is said that Mr. Bebb-Jones went to Las Vegas and spent thousands of dollars – partially using credit cards in his wife’s name. He lived a playboy lifestyle in the course of that weekend which culminated in him putting a gun in his mouth and shooting himself in the head.”

“The upshot is that the case against him is very strong,” said the prosecutor. “This offence is so serious he faces life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.”

I am happy this criminal is being brought to justice but I am disgusted at the fact that he had the chance to taste freedom for the last twelve years.

Craig Fleck

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