March 2nd the Apple iPad 2 Will Be Revealed

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On Wednesday March 2nd, Apple will look to unveil its latest innovation, the iPad 2. Hopefully sporting a sleek new frame, along with several other welcomed upgrades, its unfortunate that much of the conversation about the product has been mere spectulation. Tomorrow however, Apple management plans to shed light on exactly what the product will display.

Set to be shown in a San Francisco, CA news conference, whether or not the CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs will show up to pronounce its capabilities has been a big topic of discussion. Jobs has publicly been known to have been “under-the-weather” since January, since taking an indefinite medical leave. Whether or not his poignant ways and ingenious attitude can ignite a spark for both current and soon-to-be iPad users, is definitely highly anticipated.

Although much of the newest iPad’s chat topics have been about its upcoming characteristics and upgrades, no one truly knows for sure (except for Apple of course) what the product will truly provide. But many of the rumors and industry reports are believed to be reasonably accurate, and rightfully so. But what better way to critique, than to see for yourself.

Here are some of the speculated attributes for the new iPad 2:

  1. It will provide a camera: If not one, but actually two. While its predecessor didn’t provide a handy-dandy camera, the iPad 2 will be sporting at least one. While some earlier snapped photos of the iPad 2 prototype were believed to have shown a second rear camera, it’s believed that it won’t be included in a final release because of feasibility. Both price, and the functionality of a second camera were kept into consideration, and most Apple iPad users were initially intrigued mostly by the possibility of using “FaceTime” anyway.
  2. It’s Faster: With an upgrade from the original Apple iPad’s A4 processor to the new QualComm supported A5 chip, users should notice a significant upgrade to the iPad 2’s speed. In order to keep up with a few of its faster competitors, the new chip is stated to have a dual core processor.
  3. It’s also important to mention, that Apple has been rumored to be in conversation with Verizon in terms of using its faster Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network for the iPad, which would improve data speed dramatically. Although 4G has been the latest crave in terms of network capability, in terms of expectations, 4G speeds are not quite as fast as anticipated. Nevertheless, Apple has been expected to either include 4G capabilities, or possibily LTE connections.

  4. A new display?: Well, maybe. The iPad 2 was rumored to be including a retina display, similar if not identical to the version found on the iPhone 4. However, installing such a magnificent display would also increase the price, something Apple wasn’t necessarily prepared to do. There also seems to be apparent technical issues regarding its installation, so more than likely this particular upgrade will be left for later versions.
  5. It’s priced effectively: As Apple usually does with upgraded versions of their already pre-released merchandise, the iPad 2 will either remain identical in price to its older counterpart, or even be slightly below. Why? In order to compete with other tablets on the market. Such products such as’s Kindle and the Samsung Galaxy Tab have come in priced lower than Apple, and in order to maintain its superiority they’re looking to expand its potential clientele. According to industry reports, it may come in priced up to 10
    percent lower than what the original iPad retailed for ($499).
  6. It’s smaller: Although it’s hard for most to complain about the original iPad’s size, making the newer version smaller could only help increase its competitive edge. Although not a direct competitor, the Kindle 3 is frequently compared to the iPad, and comes in significantly smaller with .34″ in diameter compared to Apple iPad’s .5″. With a smaller frame, will also come a lighter body, so Apple users should look forward to its improved agility.
  7. New asthetics and peripherals: While there were certainly some Apple devotees hoping for the release of a white iPhone 4 version (which was actually promised by Apple), they may be lucky in finding a new iPad 2 model in that glossy finish. Although purely asthetic, it may increase a few buyers who are easily persuaded by the attractiveness of Apple’s products.
  8. Being limited in some respects by its lack of connections, the iPad 2 is also rumored to have included at least one more resource; an additional USB or SD Card slot. Nonetheless, these options are 50/50, and may once again be constrained by physical limitations and/or price.

All in all, Apple’s iPad 2 should be sure to at least earn a few more looks, even by those who already own an iPad. Whether you’re looking for increased productivity, additional camera options, or maybe you’re just attracted to gorgeous Apple electronics, the iPad 2 will be certain to catch your attention.

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