Best Mobile Poker Options 2012

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Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile poker options that you have in 2012. With recent technological advancements as well as more and more people buying smart phones, mobile gaming is finally taking off. People have predicted that it would do so for years, and now it officially has. In this article we will look at the best mobile poker options you have at your fingertips as of right now. Can you believe that over 50% of all smart phone users have played some sort of mobile poker? The numbers are absolutely staggering, so there is no wonder why there is now such a high demand for cell phone poker, especially for real money.

Switch Poker is a leader in the mobile gaming space, and they have made an announcement this week that many people will be pleased to hear. That is the addition of the Android app being launched over the Christmas holiday. While players could already play on the Iphone and Ipad, the Android app now expands Switch Poker’s reach even further. If you haven’t heard of Switch Poker, then you should definitely be giving it a shot. Among the mobile poker options out there today, they really don’t get any better than this.

An amazing feature about this new Switch Poker app is that they allow multi-tabling, a Switch Poker exclusive. This will attract all sorts of new players because there is no other Android app where you can multi table online poker for real money, from anywhere with your phone! Switch Poker knows it’s a big deal and that’s why they recently released a press release explaining the new app. Switch Poker is pretty awesome in general, as you can play on your Android or iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Unfortunately you can’t play from the U.S.A, but other countries are good to go. You can deposit at Switch Poker with Neteller, Skrill and even Bitcoins.

Another great mobile poker option that you should consider is Mfortune. They have an all encompassing mobile online gaming site that will keep you entertained for hours. All you need to do is visit the main homepage, select the type of phone you are using and then download the app directly to your phone. On top of the very impressive Texas Holdem real money games at mFortune, you will also find favorites like bingo, slots, roulette and blackjack. You can play any of these casino favorites for real money right from your phone, which is truly an innovation in online and mobile gaming.

Those are definitely your top two choices for mobile poker games without a doubt. Between mFortune and Switch Poker, you will be able to find exactly the type of game and mobile poker experience that you are looking for. This editor is giving Switch the nod as the superior of the two for a true poker fanatic, because of their ring game selection. If you like the fast paced and exciting casino style, then mFortune will be a sure hit in your books. You can join either mFortune or Switch Poker right now through the links in this article and claim your exclusive welcome deposit bonus at either one.

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    I like that some popular poker sites starting to accept Bitcoin payments. This is just so easy and comfortable.


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