Jonathan Duhamel Robbery Case Update And Back Story

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There is hot news out of the poker world regarding the <b>Jonathan Duhamel robbery</b>. 2 out of the 3 people accused of beating and robbing Jonathan Duhamel, former World Series of Poker champion, have been denied bail by a Canadian judge. This thing is a huge mess and nobody knows how the heck they thought they would get away with it. They actually stole his world series of poker bracelet, as in, the main event world series bracelet. These people are possibly candidates for America’s Dumbest criminals, but it sends chills down my spine to what they could have done to Jonathan when he was tied up.

Many people still cannot believe that these accused had the guts to actually go in and steal the main event WSOP bracelet. It’s not like you can stroll down to Pawn Stars and trade it in for cash. They also got $160k in cash, which is nothing to sneeze at. Some of you might be wondering why in the world somebody has that much cash at home, but remember, he won over $8 million dollars at the WSOP and he is a professional poker player. He probably plays some pretty high stakes games.

The story goes that Jonathan Duhamel was tied up and roughed up at his home, on December 21st of 2011. Due to his close relationship with his ex girlfriend, named Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, Jonathan ended up in a sticky situation where he was tied up and being robbed of a rolex, the WSOP bracelet, and $160,000 in cash. Obviously, his ex girlfriend could have had knowledge that Jonathan carried large amounts of cash in his home, and more importantly, exactly where he hid it. Remember that all of this is speculation at this point, and it will certainly be interesting to see how this case pans out.

Involved are the accused who are the above mentioned Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, John-Stephen Clark-Lemay and Anthony Bourque. Borque was the only one released on bail by the Judge this week, while the two others will remain held in custody.

You can bet that Poker On A Mac will keep you updated as this saga continues, and we hope that Jonathan Duhamel ended up enjoying his holidays after all of this and can overcome that scary moment and take the poker scene by storm in 2012. So far it’s looking pretty good as well, with 2 six-figure cashes under his belt this year already.

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