Pokerstars To Buy Full Tilt Poker In Massive Buyout

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Pokerstars is all the talk in the online poker world today as they have apparently made a move to purchase Full Tilt Poker including all current and past player debt. As you can imagine, thousands upon thousands of former Full Tilt players who are still owed money by the poker site are chomping at the bit to see this goal down. Almost undoubtedly, if the buyout does go through, all of the players and even affiliates that were owed money by Full Tilt Poker after the notorious “Black Friday” would be paid in full.

That is superb and exciting news for the thousands of players and affiliates that thought that their hard earned or hard won money was gone and never coming back. With just slivers of hope that they’d ever come back into the fray, Full Tilt Poker was in talks of being bought out by an entirely other group, the Bernard Tapie group. Unfortunately, due to complications with that particular deal it fell apart yesterday morning.

Coincidentally, just hours after the news broke that the Tapie and Full Tilt deal was off, Pokerstars emerged as the likely buyer for the fallen but not forgotten, former poker giant FTP. We will keep you updated on this buyout within the next day or so, come back to the blog often because as soon as more information develops about this breaking story, we will be on it and updating the site. We are sure that lots of our loyal readers are eagerly waiting the announcement of when and how they are going to get the money that is rightfully theirs, back into their bank accounts.

Not so long ago, Full Tilt Poker was shut down after legal problems with the DOJ in the United States. Amidst many allegations that Full Tilt Poker was breaking US law, the site literally fell apart and could no longer afford to pay it’s members, including players who were owned huge amounts of money. The hit that many of these players took had put them out of professional or casual poker temporarily, or permanently. It’s not like they expected to sign into their Full Tilt Poker account one day and find all of their money gone!

Time will tell what this whole buy-out will bring to the world of online poker. Notably, if Full Tilt regains the stature and popularity that they once had, Pokerstars and Co could potentially be controlling 90% of the entire online poker world. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Comment below. Also, if you haven’t signed up to Pokerstars yet, now would be a good time to do so. You can get an exclusive 100% match deposit bonus (new players only!) up to a maximum of $600. That’s $600 in free money, amigo. Join Pokerstars and claim your free cash right now.

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