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Players at 888Poker, the poker room which recently signed a deal with WMS, can improve their chances of winning with the site’s new tool, called 888Poker Coach. It can help improve your poker skills for more rewarding performances and more confident game play. You can also bring down the number of errors you make at the 888 Poker tables. With 888Poker Coach, you can boost and manage your bankroll and get recommendations for optimal actions. It will display poker odds real-time and the top poker hands you can make. To find out about some of the other impressive features of 888 Poker, read our review of the site.

How 888Poker Coach works

To access the Poker Coach, you have to download the tool on your system. When you enter a Texas Hold’em game, the tool will automatically attach itself to the table. It immediately shows game information, like the odds that you require to help better your game-play. The tool is compatible with tournaments and cash games. Here are some of the ways in which the tool can help:

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First section – indicators

The first section of the tool comprises:

Indicator of hand-strength: It shows the strength of the starting hands dealt to you, based on the ways they can be completed. Post-flop, the indicator shows the likelihood of your hand winning, if you decide to play it until showdown.

Text box for advice: At every point in the game, the text box shows suggestions. Once the hand is over, or you fold, the tool will not offer advice. The suggestions will be based on your hole cards, community cards, number of players in the hand, your position at the table and the action that took place prior that point. In addition, you will see commentary on why a suggestion was made, the educational information you require to play similar hands in future, and other details needed to play the hand.

Indicator of game-stage, number of players in the hand and player position: The indicator shows the level at which the game is – whether it is at the pre-flop, flop, turn or river. You can also get an idea of what your position at the table is in relation to others in the game. The hand indicator will give you a quick look at the number of players who started the hand and how many remain at the current stage.

M-Zone: With this feature, you can find out the ratio of the antes (if posted) and blinds to the number of chips in your stack. This is useful only in SnGs and MTTs, so the feature gets activated when you play one of the two types of tournaments. The M-Zone will indicate the number of games your current chip-stack can support if you adopt a passive style of playing.

Green M-Zone indicates that the chip stack is big enough to sustain you through several hands. You have the freedom to use any strategy you think is most suitable. Yellow M-Zone shows that you can take a few risks and adopt a loose game play if needed. Orange M-Zone suggests that your stack is weakening and that you have to preserve chips if you want to play more hands. The ideal playing style will be an aggressive one. Red M-Zone is indicative of a very weak chip stack with which you will not be able to last long. You should either fold your hand or go all-in. Dead M-Zone indicates that you should move all-in with one of the reasonable cards in your hand, as you are close to being blinded out.

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Second section – hand information

The second section of 888Poker Coach has three components. One of them shows the hole cards you have pre-flop. The second one displays the best five card hand you can make once you reach the flop. The last component contains text describing the hand you hold. For instance, 10h-7h are suited cards, which will be described as such.

Third section – outs and odds

You can find out the unseen cards you need to improve your hand, in the Outs Box. The chances that you will get an out on the turn are displayed in the Turn Outs section of the 888Poker Coach. Find out about the likelihood that you will get an out on the river, by checking the River Odds section of the tool. You can get to know the dangerous outs, which are also known as the cards that can improve your opponent’s hand more than it can yours. Based on your understanding of what opponents’ hands are likely to be, you can decide whether you should make a move or not.

Fourth section – bankroll management

Bankroll management rules dictate that, to make the most of the money you have in your online poker account, you should play at specific limits. With 888Poker Coach, you can keep tabs on the amount of money in your bankroll. Based on this, the tool will suggest the cash game or type of tournament you should play to maximize your bankroll and time you spend at the site. 888 Poker provides a BRM tool that will indicate the tables that are right for you based on your bankroll. In case you choose a table which cannot be sustained by your bankroll, the tool will notify you of a more suitable table.

888 Poker is one of the few online poker rooms with a no-download option that can be used by those who have a Mac. If you are one of them, visit 888Poker, create an account and get started with the Mac user-friendly options on the site – BUT IT IS NOT US FRIENDLY.

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