PKR Updates 3D Poker Room Software

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pkr-pokerPKR, the site which revolutionized online poker when it offered a 3D environment, has announced that it has updated its software to version 2.08. It comes with a number of new features that add to the provisions already available on the site.

The new features include a multi-tabler option designed for those who enjoy playing different games at the same time. Players can open table windows for poker, casino games and mini-games, with up to nine tables open at any time. With the feature, players can customize tables by resizing, cascading, tiling, and dragging and dropping them. The multi-tabling option will allow PKR users to play across many tables while waiting for their opponents to act. When the multi-tabling option is used, the action at all the tables will take place at a regular pace. If players don’t make quick decisions at all the tables, it is likely that they will miss out on their chance to act at a few.

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Other new features at

Virtual drinks: Players can purchase virtual drinks that their PKR avatars can sip on during a game; from lager, coffee and mojito, to shots of tequila. Players also have the option to buy drinks for others at the table. To purchase drinks, players simply redeem their PKR points. For those low on points, PKR has a new point bundle system that allows players to buy the points for real money without leaving the game.

Luxury Yacht Room: PKR has added a new room called Luxury Yacht to its existing environments. As the name suggests, the environ is that of a yacht and players have the option to either join the poker games that take place on the deck, or to lounge around until seats free-up at a table. Some of the other environments offered at PKR are Atlantis, Zen Casino, Monte Carlo, Paradise Island, Club Metro and Studio PKR.

My Seat: The camera angles at the table can be changed to show the point of view of a player’s character in the game. It allows players to use the mouse to see the rest of the table, and make eye contact with opponents. Players can zoom into a scene to get a better view of the action at the table. The new software comes with an option to see the table from above, and to use the four cameras situated at the north, south, east and west of the room.

Play poker at the new and improved PKR client!

Revamped features and upcoming tools

With the software update, PKR has revamped some of its old features, including the chat panel at poker tables and emote control options. Additionally, PKR is currently testing a tool called Hand Re-Player, which is in its beta stage. The tool will allow players to watch the hands they played and evaluate the accuracy of the move in light of the outcome recorded in the hand history. It will replay the video of the player and his actions in the hand. Players can also upload the hand on YouTube.

Existing features

Here are some of the features PKR has retained:

Avatar developer: Players can create avatars with features that can be controlled. Players can choose the body shape and size, gender and skin tone, and facial features can be molded by touching-up the eyes, ears and nose. The avatar’s hair too can be changed to suit the player’s preference. For those who want a more accurate version of themselves at the tables, PKR has a 3D rendering option.

Emote control technology: PKR has incorporated technology that allows players to express emotions through their avatars. It also gives them the chance to use fake tells to throw opponents off track. Players can use their opponents’ expressions to pick up tells.

The poker room offers a wide range of emotes and other forms of non-verbal communication like gestures and eye contact. It provides the option to set the mood so others at the table know what a player is feeling – or at least what he says he is feeling! Body language can be used to express whether a player is feeling nervous, aggressive, indifferent, confident or thoughtful.

Play poker at the new and improved PKR client!

Cash game and tournament options at PKR

The features developed by PKR are to help players have a great experience when they take to its tables. In keeping with this approach, the site has a large number of games players can choose from, in formats that include multi-table tournaments (MTTs), ring games and sit n go’s.

Among the MTTs offered at PKR, some of the most popular are the guaranteeds. These include – Primetime, Monte Carlo and The Prestige with $4,000 GTD; PKR Open with $5,500; PKR Open Bounty with $6,000; Grand Prix with $,500; Mini Masters with $10,000; Sunday Open with $15,000; Main Event with $20,000; and PKR Masters with $100,000.

The ring games at PKR, which are extremely engaging, provide the right platform for players to get to know their opponents. The site has a host of games at limits that can suit low-, mid- and high-stakes players. Some of the sit n go tables that fill up the fastest at PKR are 2, 6 and 10 seaters.

Play poker at the new and improved PKR client!

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