Fly High with Switch Poker’s Aeroplane Promo, Worth Up To €2 million

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Switch PokerMobile poker players now have a chance to win up to €2 million with Switch Poker’s new promotion, the Aeroplane. The promo is a call from the poker room to all its players, who enjoy the card game, and also want their friends to join them. The new Aeroplane promotion is for existing members of the site, and allows them to earn a percentage of the rake generated by up to 20 of their friends and acquaintances who register with Switch Poker, and make a deposit into their respective accounts. So why delay? Put on your pilot’s cap, reach out to your friends, and take them on a wondrous journey into the world of online poker.

Get your chance at €2 million and play at Switch Poker! The mobile poker only alternative – remember, they are NOT US friendly.

The Aeroplane Promo at Switch Poker – How it Works

One of the premier mobile poker rooms out there, Switch Poker, is giving its members a good chance to earn up to € 2 million, by taking just 5% of the total revenue generated by more than 1 million poker players from around the world. To begin with, you need to be a member of the mobile poker room. You should have a smartphone that is powered by the iOS, Android or Windows software to be able to use this site. Once you register, you can download the site’s exclusive download client for your iPad, iPod or iPhone. A separate download client is available for Android users too, while windows and blackberry users can access the site’s mobile browser version.

Once you are a member, you can team up with up to 20 passengers and form your own Aeroplane. The 20 passengers can be your friends, colleagues, or acquaintances who become members of the site. That is not all. Your passengers can then rope in at least 20 more players, and form their own respective planes, to generate as much rake as possible for the site – which you will also make a percentage of yourself!

While they get to enjoy the poker games and cash prizes on the site, you will earn 5% of the rake they generate. The interesting part is that this reward is not limited to just one or 2 days, but would be offered to you as long as they play real money poker on the site. Another good thing is that every time the passengers in your plane or in your passengers’ form their own Aeroplane, you will earn 5% of the rake. This goes on till six levels of passengers are formed under you, which means you can benefit from the rake generated by around 1 million people on the site.

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Rewards Fly High at Switch Poker

The rewards you earn at each level are different. In the first level, when passengers from your Aeroplane create their own planes, you will earn 5% of the total rake they spend. The reward offered in the second level is also 5%, when up to 400 people register. This percentage, however, reduces as the number of passengers under you increases. In the 3rd and 4th level, when the number of passengers is 8000 and 1, 60,000 respectively, the reward you can earn is 2% of the total rake they spend. In the fifth and sixth level, when the number of passengers goes over a million, you will get 1% of the total rake that they generate. In all, you have a chance to earn up to 2 million Euros.

Switch Poker – always safe, always secure

What makes this promo more interesting is the fact that Switch Poker is one of the out there. The site is registered and licensed, and uses an effective encryption software to prevent hackers from accessing your data through the mobile networks. The data that you provide to the company is safe with them and is not in any way shared with third parties like internet marketing agencies. The poker room is accessible to players from most of the European and Asian countries.

The revenue you earn through the Aeroplane promotion can be withdrawn only if at least 5 passengers get on board your plane and make a real money deposit. To know more about the promo and other incentives that Switch Poker is offering on a platter, you can click here to visit their site. For more detailed information, you can write to the mobile poker room’s customer support team that works round the clock.

The Aeroplane poker promotion is presently in full swing at the site and will take place throughout, till the site decides to discontinue it.

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