Keep Playing with Automatic Top-ups at Switch Poker

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Switch-Mobile-Poker-TopUpsNote: Switch Poker is a mobile poker only option, and it is NOT US friendly.

One of the best mobile poker sites, Switch Poker is always looking for means to improve the services it offers to its members. In an attempt to do that, the mobile poker room has recently introduced a new feature called “Automatic Top-ups”. This feature, as its name goes, allows the members to continue playing by automatically upgrading their chip count at the table. Thanks to this feature, players who want to stay in action as much as possible can do so now without worrying about re-buying to stay in the game. Here is some more information about the all new Automatic Top-ups feature.

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No More Short-stacked Moments

Switch Poker has made mobile poker gaming possible with its state-of-the-art mobile poker platform. With the new Automatic Top-ups feature, you don’t even have to stop to refill your chip stack at the table. Just opt for this new feature and you are guaranteed non-stop action on the move, as long as there is enough balance in your Switch Poker account. That’s right. The Automatic Top-up does not promise an endless supply of chips on the table, nor does it give you any bluffing tips to keep you playing for long.

The feature is only an update that makes your gameplay better, by topping you up, every time your chip stack goes below a specific amount.

How does it Work?

The Automatic Top-ups feature is not enabled by default. You have to opt for it if you want faster gameplay. To activate this option, you need to select the “Enabled” option for the Automatic Top-ups field in the settings page.

You need to understand that this feature works only when you have enough funds in your account. Switch Poker is not going to offer any bonus amount for it. For example, let’s say that your Switch Poker account has 500 credits. If you are at a table that has a maximum limit of 1000 and you have only 800 chips with you, then the Automatic Top-ups feature will enhance your chip stack to 1000, by deducting 200 from your switch poker account.

In the same scenario, if you have only 50 in your account, the Automatic Top-ups feature will not work, as you have less than the required amount (200) for increasing your chip stack.

To sum it up, the auto top-up feature will simply transfer funds from the cashier page (your account) to the table where you are playing.

Join Switch Poker and Get Attractive Bonuses through PokerOnAMac

Switch Poker is one of the best mobile poker rooms for gaming on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. The Switch Poker software is also compatible with Android devises using the OS version 1.6 or above. Members joining this mobile poker site can choose to play for free or for real money. Poker games offered here include the regular ring games, SNGs, MTTs, no-limit and Fixed limit Hold’em, and Pot limit Omaha among others.

Not only that, Switch Poker is also offering attractive bonuses that you can benefit from. The mobile poker room is offering bonuses to every new member registering with it. The good news is that players get to choose from three different bonuses.

Welcome Bonuses at Switch Poker

Members registering with the site and making a deposit of at least €20 are eligible for a bonus of €600. To redeem this bonus entirely, the players have to earn 2500 SPPs (Switch Poker Points) within a period of 6 months. To claim this bonus, players have to use the bonus code 20TO600.

If you don’t want cash bonus, you can choose between the iPad and the iPod Touch. For this, the minimum deposit requirements and the SPP requirements are different.

For the iPod Touch, you have to make a minimum deposit of 50 Euros or more and use the bonus code FREEIPOD while depositing. To claim the reward, you need to earn at least 60,000 SPPs within a span of 6 months.

For the iPad, a minimum deposit of €150 is necessary. To claim this expensive gadget, you need to earn at least 100,000 SPPs. Also, you need to use the bonus code FREEIPAD when making the deposit.

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Make a Deposit, Play at Multiple Tables

Switch Poker allows you to make a deposits using SKRILL or one of the other options mentioned on the site. Once you make a deposit, you can play on multiple tables at once. That is right. You don’t need to sit in front of a computer or access an online poker room to play at multiple tables. Switch Poker is the only mobile poker room that allows you to play at more than one table at once.

Even when you are playing at multiple tables, navigating through the tables is easy at Switch Poker. Right next to the active poker table screen, you can see a list of the tables that you have opened for play. The list is displayed by selecting the “poker table select area” option on the screen. An impressive feature of the table listing is that the tables at which you are playing will turn red, when it is your turn to play. That way, you can keep a tab at all tables and never miss even a moment’s action.

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