€500 Race for December – Starting on the 6th at 00.01 GMT!

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XmasRace_Banner_2Switch Poker have regularly organised events on the site called Switch Poker Points races. Or Rake Races to the uninformed. These SPPs tend to be quite popular and can greatly increase the traffic on the site. Usually they provide a respectable €500 prize pool and pay out the 5 players with the most SPPs earned during the duration of the event.

In order to earn SPPs you need to play on a real money table. Then each hand you play will generate the SPPs, you need to see a flop before you get credited the SPPs for that hand. So as long as you don’t fold pre-flop you will get some SPPs in your account.

The difference in the race for December, starting this week, is that it goes on much longer. This one will last almost 2 weeks, running from the 6th to the 18th of December, so there will be lots of chances to get in some good grinds and score big.

Play in your rake race for December at SwitchPoker.com, for mobile poker!

If you are new to Switch Poker you may not know that they are the only mobile phone poker site which allows you to truly multi-table. Instead of swiping between tables and possibly missing some actions you can simply enable the 4 table view and see up to four tables on your screen at once so you won’t miss a single bet. Taking advantage of this feature is the real key to getting the high SPPs you need to win the race.

The action promises to be busy during this SPP race, not only will all the regulars be grinding tables to score high but there will be an influx of new players and some old casuals taking part as Switch Poker have made a great promotion by giving away unlimited amounts of Android tablets. They have 2 great tablets on offer and you can win one (or more) for your self by earning SPPs until 20th December. So every point you make during the SPP race will also go towards earning you a brand new high spec Android tablet. You have to opt-in to this bonus, so make sure you don’t miss out and email them today. Current players can email [email protected] to receive more info and enroll for the bonus. New players can use this code when they deposit €50 – XMASDROID.

With all these bonuses going on we fully expect December to be a busy one on Switch Poker, so if you have not tried the site yet then join up here and use one of these codes to get a bonus, or use the code above to enter the Android promotion.

Play in your rake race for December at SwitchPoker.com, for mobile poker!

● Free iPad Bonus: Enter Code – FREEIPAD First deposit must be minimum of €150 and you need to earn 100,000 SPP’s within 6 months of play
● Free iPod Bonus: Enter Code – FREEIPOD First deposit must be minimum of €50 and you need to earn 60,000 SPP’s within 6 months of play.
● 100% Cash Bonus: Enter Code – 20TO600 First deposit must be minimum of €20 and maximum of €600 and you will be paid out €10 every time you earn 2500 SPP’s until the bonus is equal to your deposit.
● Free €10: Enter Code – MOBILEP Open a new account, complete your information and verify your age with a credit card deposit of .50c and you will receive €10 to play with for free.
● Bonus Bombs: No need to enter any code, Bonus Bombs are random % or rake back given to any depositing player.. nice no?
● Aeroplane system: invite your friends to play on Switch Poker and earn up to €2 Million

Register now on Switch Poker and start earning your bonuses!


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