Gear Up for the Grand Battle at Titan Poker

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Titan-poker-grand-battle-promotionStarting from January 1 to March 31, 2013, Titan Poker is hosting a special event called the Grand Battle for its poker enthusiasts. Everybody and anybody who is passionate about the game and enjoys a healthy competition should consider partaking in this event by the poker room. The online poker room is also hosting the Sit ‘Win’ Go tournaments that offer $10k in cash. To add to all this, it is also offering huge discounts on its guaranteed tournaments in January. So why wait? Register with Titan Poker today, if you aren’t already a member of the site.


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The Battle Has Begun! Get Ready to Rumble!

The Grand Battle has already begun. Only you need to join the many poker contestants, win the contest and claim your share of the $130,000. In all, there will be 17 different races that you can participate in to win a share of the cash prize. The details of the points’ races you can participate in are as follows.

• There will be 13 weekly races, broadly divided into three groups, during the three months of the promo. Each race will offer $4,000 in cash to the winners. In all, winners will be taking home $52,000 during these races. Also, the top six players in the weekly races get to play in a special guaranteed jackpot event that offers $500 to the winner.
• The next level of the races is the monthly races, or the Gladiator races. These races offer $5,000 each, or $15,000 in all to the winners.
• The final level is the Master Leaderboard level where winners have a chance to win $57,000. To claim your share in the $57k, you need to play as many games as possible and earn Master Leaderboard points. If you manage to beat all other players to the top of the leaderboard, you can get up to $10,000 in cash.

Titan Poker is being generous enough to offer additional Master Leaderboard points to some really good players. If you manage to finish in the top 10 of the leaderboard in three consecutive weekly races, you can get 50 extra Master Leaderboard points, or MLPs. In case you finish in the top 20 of three consecutive races, you get 20 extra MLPs. That is not all. You stay in the top for more number of weeks, and you can win more number of MLPs during the promotion. All you need to get started with this is register with Titan Poker and opt-in for the promotional offer.

Play at the grand Battle now! – use our links and bonus code: MAC500

Sit Win Go Promo

Titan Poker is also hosting a special month-long sit ‘n’ go race that began on January 2 and will last through February 2, 2013. The promo named Sit Win Go will reward the top players with a cash prize of $10,000. So go on and show your skills to be the one to take home big cash prizes. The more you play the merrier it will be and the better your chances are of winning the top leaderboard prize.

Opt-in for this tournaments today and get started. There are 4 categories of Sit n Gos you can partake in.

• The Low Leaderboard, where the buy-ins of the tournaments will range between $1 and $5. The prize pool of the tournaments will be $1,000
• The medium Leaderboard, where the buy-in ranges from $10 to $20 and the prize pool is $2,000.
• The High leaderboard has a prize pool of $4,000 and the buy-ins for these tournaments start from $30.

In addition to these three, Titan Poker is also hosting what are called Double Up Leaderboard tournaments, where the buy-ins start from $2 and the prize pool offered is $3,000. The top 20 winners of the leaderboards will be getting cash prizes and the rest of them, ranked between 21 and 50 will get Titan Poker Gold Coins (which can be exchanged for treasure tickets that offer exciting prizes).

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Play More with Huge Discounts

Titan Poker is also offering huge discounts on buy-ins for the tournaments that it hosts online. The promo, called the Super Sale, starts on January 7 and goes on till January 20. Players can get discounts ranging between 40% and 70 % on several Titan Poker GTD tournaments. The poker room is also having a “Buy One Get One Free” offer on tournaments. If you really love poker, then there is no way you should miss out these discounts.

Play at the grand Battle now! – use our links and bonus code: MAC500

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