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Switch PokerRecently I had a decision put to me by a close friend. He is finally getting rid of his old overworked Apple Macbook and wanted to go even more mobile. He asked “Is there a reason not to choose an Apple iPad Mini over a regular iPad?”

My answers were pretty predictable.

“It depends. What will you do? Sure reading a book on the iPad Mini is much better than on the iPad due to the comfort of the smaller size. However, watching a movie on the iPad is much, much better on a larger screen”. I concluded that the choice would depend on what you would ultimately use it for.

His decision? Well, this is what he remarked, “It doesn’t really matter, as I can’t play poker on either of them.” Wait, hang on. What? Ever heard of Switch Poker?

Yes it’s a true story, my friend an avid poker fan has missed the boat on mobile poker, and somehow it has passed him by. This lead me to consider, am I one of the few people who are aware that our lovingly crafted iPads and iPhones to compete with and destroy our PC and Android using brothers across the green baize in pan-global battles of wits? To be fair, if you’re using a PC or Android you can still join the mobile poker craze, you just won’t be as awesome.

Well, I know I’m not alone. There are already thousands of iPad and iPhone users playing poker online every day. This is a mobile age. It is the norm these days to watch a movie on the home commute, only to pause as you get off the bus and resume it on your TV at home. So why should our other entertainment be different.

I can securely log onto Switch Poker and safely deposit real funds via one of many convenient methods from my iPhone, join a real money cash game and while away the time as I am driven home at 5 o’clock. I can then, briefly, pause the action as I open my front door and kick off my shoes before picking right back up on my iPad in front of the TV. Working on a Mac? No problem. Log into your Macbook and Switch Poker will pick right up there too.

Switch Poker were the first site to see this demand, launching in 2010 as the first real money poker site for iPad and iPhone. These real money games are as real as any on your computer. Playing stakes from as low as 1c/2c to as high as €10/€20, right from the mobile device.

So my friend can officially add “Can play poker on either the iPad or the iPad mini” to his decision making process, no doubt he is no closer to his choice.

  • Playing poker on your mobile devices couldn’t be easier.
  • Direct your browser to this link:
  • Use one of these codes for a free bonus:
    • Free iPad Bonus: Enter Code – FREEIPAD Then make first deposit which must be a minimum of €150 and you need to earn 100,000 SPP’s within 6 months of play.
    • Free iPod Bonus: Enter Code – FREEIPOD Then make first deposit which must be a minimum of €50 and you need to earn 60,000 SPP’s within 6 months of play.
    • 100% Cash Bonus: Enter Code – 20TO600 Then make first deposit which must be a minimum of €20 and maximum of €600. You will be paid out €10 every time you 2,500 SPP’s until the total bonus earned is equal to your deposit.

If you want to take advantage of this great deal and play poker with your mobile device, go to and sign up to play now.

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