Should you worry about trying Poker Android Smartphone?

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There are well over 800 million Android smartphones in use throughout the world. Assuming you’re one of these 800-plus million Android owners, you may have thought about playing poker through your mobile device. Of course, you may have had second thoughts too, like it’s unsafe and addictive. Well, let’s discuss these preconceived notions about poker Android smartphone play and come to a consensus on if it’s okay to try real money poker on your phone.

Important Study shows that “Interactive” Poker isn’t Addictive

These days, it can be hard to sort out reality from fiction with regard to online gaming. This is especially the case with all of the venom that Sheldon Adelson has been spewing at internet gaming in a self-serving effort to protect his Las Vegas Sands empire. Adelson has argued on more than one occasion that interactive forms of gaming like PC-based and mobile poker increase the likelihood of gambling addiction. He cites convenience and the lack of casino supervision as reasons why online gaming is more dangerous.

This seems like a logical argument, in theory, because there isn’t any casino personnel around to cut somebody off from playing poker. But logic doesn’t equate to facts, as a recent study called “Interactive Gambling” proved.

After polling 19,550 adults through face-to-face, phone and online interviews, the study showed that “there is currently insufficient evidence to conclude that interactive gambling is causing higher levels of gambling problems.” The researchers added, “for a substantial proportion of interactive gamblers experiencing difficulties, these problems are related to non‐interactive modes.”

So contrary to what Adelson says, the problems normally start at land-based casinos and cardrooms first. That said, if you’re fretting about instantly becoming addicted to poker Android smartphone, just remember what this study concluded.

Millions of Players enjoy Android Poker without Incident

The other topic that we mentioned earlier involves the safety of playing poker through your Android phone. With a number of large companies being hacked lately, thus leading to customers’ private information becoming available, you really have to wonder about this with Android poker sites too. But thankfully, a poker site getting hacked is of the rarest occurrences in the world.

Remember, these are technology-based companies. So securing customer and company information is of the utmost importance. Like Adelson, we don’t have any hard data on our next statement, but we’d venture to say that you run a bigger risk of your credit card account getting hacked than your mobile poker account.

So for the wide majority of poker players out there, trying the game through an Android smartphone will be nothing short of a fun and enjoyable experience. This is even truer when you consider how many different perks there are to playing mobile poker. The most obvious is the convenience advantage due to how small smartphones are when compared to a PC or Mac. And thanks to developments in recent years, you’ll also enjoy a larger game selection, excellent graphics, more mobile-specific promotions and big tournaments.

Taking all of this into account, if you’re thinking of trying poker on your Android smartphone, don’t hesitate!

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