Carbon Poker & DragTheBar Offer Free Poker Training Lessons

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Online poker is exciting, but inexperienced poker players need some guidance. The game of poker is difficult, which means in order to become successful, you need to learn poker from the expertspoker pros. Most poker sites don’t offer much in terms of poker training. But that’s not the case at Carbon Poker.

Starting immediately, Carbon Poker is giving away free training sessions via well respected poker training site DragTheBar. This is your opportunity to learn from experienced poker professionals. You’ll learn the basics of poker strategy as well as more advanced game theory. This will help your poker game immensely.

All you have to do in order to take advantage of this free offer – good for a full month – is the following:

  1. Join Carbon Poker and rake $1. That’s it – just $1. That won’t take any time at all.
  2. Then, with your CarbonPoker username handy, get signed up for the free lessons:

Free Online Poker Training, Priceless Knowledge


For non-Carbon Poker players, DragTheBar’s training sessions costs about $30 per month. You get these online poker training lessons for free when you join Carbon Poker and rake $1. This training is invaluable, however. You can’t put a true price on it. Online poker is a tough game, which means you absolutely must learn from the best poker players possible.

DragTheBar is a large group of professional poker players that understand game theory, the right starting hands to select, how to dominate ring games/SNG’s/MTT’s, and much more. The free poker training includes 1,000+ videos that teach you everything there is to know about poker strategy, access to more than 40 coaches that are all respected poker pros, and an exclusive forum reserved especially for DragTheBar trainees.

Additionally, before joining DragTheBar’s free training sessions, you might want to take advantage of our own free poker training by reading through our poker tips and poker articles. In those articles, you will gain insight into the strategies used by successful poker professionals. They will help improve your game instantly, along with the training through DragTheBar and Carbon Poker.

Get your FREE Lessons now by signing up at Carbon Poker, then coming back here for the DragTheBar link above.

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