Get In the Game for $5k in Bovada Weekly Online Poker Freerolls

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online poker freerolls

Online poker freerolls are fun to play. Most of them, however, don’t payout much. The standard prize pool of a freeroll tournament is $100-$200. Sure, those can help pay for buy-ins to micro SNG’s and cash games. They just won’t give you enough money to play the higher stakes games. Here at PokerOnaMac, we seek out online poker freerolls that have large prize pools. We’ve found a great freeroll at Bovada.

Every other week (Thursdays and Sundays), Bovada hosts a $5,000 prize pool freeroll with 20% of the players getting paid. These are freerolls in the sense that you don’t buy-in with cash. Instead, you buy-in with your Bovada player points. 1,000 points gets you into either the Thursday Turbo freeroll or the Saturday regular freeroll. Or, you can win a daily satellite tournament for as little as 25 player points to earn a ticket into the bi-weekly freerolls.

Online Poker Freerolls With Large Payouts are as Valuable as Real Money Tournaments

Many online poker players have the wrong attitude about online poker freerolls. Even though it costs you nothing to enter – except player points – these poker games can help you win a nice chunk of change. When you play in the Bovada online poker freerolls, think of them as a way to make hundreds of dollars. What would a few hundred bucks – or even a thousand – do for you?

For most players, that money would help get their poker career off the ground. Just because you don’t risk money to enter a freeroll doesn’t mean they aren’t as valuable as real money poker tournaments. If you play poorly and don’t win, you DO lose money. Money that could have been won if you had played well is money lost. Speaking of playing well, let’s talk Bovada $5k freeroll strategy…

Tips to Help You Dominate Bovada’s $5k Bi-Weekly Freerolls

There’s a lot of money at stake in Bovada’s bi-weekly freerolls. In order to win some of it you absolutely must follow our tips. Start by playing extremely tight early on. There really is no benefit to playing aggressive and/or loose early on. Allow the clueless players to bust out before you start making moves.

At every table early on, there will be at least a few that will call off all of their chips with junk hands. That’s good news if you have a monster, but it makes it difficult to pull off a bluff. Once those players are gone, start playing your normal – hopefully aggressive – style of play. You can make moves once the donkeys have all been eliminated. After you get to the final table, play to win. Go for the big bucks. Most players will tighten up at the final table. Push them around and take the crown!

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