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Niki JedlickaAnnette Obrestad Online Poker Names:

Annette_15 on Full Tilt Poker
Annette_15 on PokerStars
Annette_15 on Absolute Poker
Annette__15 on Party Poker
Annette_15 on Bodog
Real Name: Annette Obrestad
Age: 19
Location: Stavanger, Norway

Who is Annette Obrestad (Annette 15)?

Annette Obrestad came onto the online poker scene in mid 2006, and immediately made a name for herself by crushing online poker tournaments. In the short time Annette has been playing online, she’s won well over $1,000,000 (without counting buy-in’s), specializing in $100 rebuy tournaments. You can find Annette_15 playing across multiple sites with more then 8 tournaments running at a time.

Among Annette’s many poker tournament wins, includes a first place victory in the $500,000 guaranteed tournament on Full Tilt Poker. She beat out 3267 other entrants for a prize of $117,000.

But perhaps her most interesting and impressive tournament victory was a 1st place finish in a $4 180 man sit&go, while playing blind. Annette_15 won the entire tournament without any knowledge of her whole cards, just by focusing on position and reading other players.

So what makes Annette Obrestrad such a successful tournament player? She attributes her success to opening up her range of hands pre-flop and focusing on developing post-flop skills. Annette has an incredible ability to pick up chips when she senses the other player’s weak, regardless of her hand.

Annette Obrestad Pictures

Annette Obrestad Picture
Don’t let Annette’s little girl appearance fool you. She’s a dominating force at any poker table.
Annette Obrestad Photo
Annette Obrestad – equipped for serious poker play.