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Daniel Moravec is a poker player that grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After beginning his poker career at the ripe young age of 18, he went on to achieve a double major in college, comprising of a Business Marketing Bachelor’s degree and a Business Management Bachelor’s degree.

Daniel has since moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and has been nominated to act as the President of Best Odds Corporation by its board of directors. Daniel leads the company by providing an illusive vision for the team to follow, while participating it everyday operating activities.

Some of Daniel Moravec’s hobbies include playing poker, snowboarding traveling, walking his dog, working out & dieting, and cooking. Though Daniel was well known at famous poker playing venues such as the Bellagio poker room and the Wynn poker room, he has since moved his focus to assisting Best Odds Corp. in growing its team and expanding it’s business globally.

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