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Jennifer LeighOnline Names:

Jennicide on PokerStars
Real Name: Jennifer Leigh
Age: 24
Location: Los Angeles, California

Who is Jennifer Leigh (Jennicide)?

Jennifer Leigh isn’t a high limit pro, nor has she had any major tournament finishes. Actually she’s just a former low limit tournament player on PokerStars (as jennicide). She became famous playing low limit online poker tournaments (in 2004). Something about a young attractive female poker player who played low limit poker tournaments all day caught the attention of thousands of players. She has quite the following on her Twitter page too.

In mid 2005, some revealing (but not x-rated) photo’s of Jennifer Leigh were leaked and caused her internet popularity to go up 10-fold. It was amazing how obsessed everyone became over her. At the time she was pissed and even threatened to sue Micon for leaking the photos on NWP, which only added fuel to the fire.

Fast forward a year later to 2006, and Jennifer Leigh realized that her leaked web-cam photo’s were actually a blessing in disguise. Being famous in the poker world can actually have a lot of value. Jennifer then when into self promotion overload.

To transform her from gril next door to hot model, she got plastic surgery and started working out with a personal trainer. Then she started modeling in professional photo shoots, getting her pictures in magazines, and planning crazy publicity stunts, like playing in the WSOP in Lingerie (which unfortunately she never did).

In 2007 her hard work paid off and she signed on with Wingows Poker. The extent of the sponsorship is unknown, but it was likely a deal where Wingows would pay her Tournament entry fee’s in exchange for promoting them.

Currently Jennifer Leigh is still looking to score a major live tournament win. She doesn’t play online nearly as much as she used to and it seems like a lot of players have begun forgetting about her. Personally, I miss the old ‘girl next door jennicide’, who spent her days playing online poker tournaments and chatting with the rail.

Jennifer Leigh Photos

Jennicide webcam pictures
These were original Jennicide photo’s that were leaked on the internet. Don’t worry, her bra never came off and she’s never posed naked in photo’s, although their are rumors of her being featured in a future playboy issue.
Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh may be the only poker player who can pull this photo off… Well maybe Patrick Antonius to.
Jenifer Leigh poker cards
Jennifer Leigh after taking a nasty spill down the stairs.