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Johnny loddenOnline Names:

bad_ip on Prima
Lars-Magne on PokerStars
Real Name: Johnny Lodden
Age: 22
Location: Jørpeland, Norway

Who is Johnny Lodden (Bad_ip, Lars Magne)?

Johnny Lodden was one of the first real high stakes online poker players. That’s a pretty big feat considering he’s only 22 now. In 2005, when playing $5,000 NL tables was almost unheard of, Johnny Lodden was tearing up the $40,000NL games on Prima.

Most players were introduced to Johnny Lodden’s play from watching him crush the$5,000 Heads up sit&go’s on PokerStars as Lars-Magne. He boasts a total profit of more then $350,000 through sit&go play, with an average profit of $212 for every game he entered. However one of his opponents, stevesbets on pokerstars, seems to think he was just running well:

Without a doubt the most overrated player has been Lars Magne for years. This guy was a total joke when he was crushing the 5k heads up matches and I heard from so many idiots how he is the best in the world. He simply sucked out every big hand for months at a time so all the uneducated railbirds see him winning and assume he is the best.

Considering the variance of heads up sit&go’s, it is possible that Johnny Lodden was running extremely well, but unlikely that he could win $350,000+ as a losing player.

Now that Johnny Lodden is of legal age in the US, he’s doing a lot of traveling to play live poker, especially during the big tournament seasons. You can read about his adventures as a high stakes poker pro on his blog. Most of his posts are translated from norwegian to english.

Johnny Lodden Photos

Johnny Lodden (Bad_ip) losing a $465,451 in a single hand, the largest pot in online poker history.
Johnny Lodden picture
Johnny Lodden – always getting ready to raise.