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Kristian KjondalOnline poker names:

PokerKong1 on PokerStars
PokerKong1 on Full Tilt Poker
Kris85 on BetonBet
Real Name: Kristian Kjondal
Age: 22
Location: Oslo, Norway

Who is Kristian Kjondal (PokerKong1, Kris85)?

Kristian Kjondal (Kjøndal) is a young Norwegian poker player who’s already having enormous success in both live poker tournaments and online cash games. His largest tournament finish was 4th place in the 2007 EPT Grand Final, for €471,180 ($620,000). Kristian’s $25,000 entry was paid by BetonBet, a poker site who sponsored him two months prior to the event.

However, even before his big tournament win, Kristian Kjondal could be found crushing the high stakes NL games online. He plays as Pokerkong1 on Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, and Kris85 on BetonBet (prima). Pokerkong1 is Kristian Kjondal’s primary screen name.

His earliest online poker hand histories date back to mid 2005, where he was playing 10/20NL on PokerStars. These days he fearlessly plays much higher, in $100/$200 and $200/$400NL games, mostly on Full Tilt Poker.

You should expect to see a lot more of Kristian Kjondal in the future. He’ll be traveling around the world to play in the biggest tournaments, and he knows how to get his name out there.

Kristian Kjondal Photos

Kristian Kjondal
Kristian Kjondal has a mean poker face.

PokerKong1's lamborghini
Kristian Kjondal’s lamborghini, bought with the money he made playing online poker as PokerKong1.