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Niki JedlickaOnline Poker Names:

KaiBuxxe on Full Tilt Poker
RealAndyBeal on PokerStars
Real Name: Niki Jedlicka
Age: 19
Location: Austria

Who is Niki Jedlicka (KaiBuxxe, RealAndyBeal)?

Niki Jedlicka (Nikolaus Jedlicka) is one of the many former Magic the Gathering players who moved on to dominate online poker. Niki plays the highest stakes pot limit omaha games online from 25/50 up to 200/400PLO, where he wins and loses millions. He often multi-tables on both Full Tilt Poker (KaiBuxxe) and Poker-Stars (RealAndyBeal) at the same time.

Although Niki Jedlicka is young, he’s been both a millionaire and broke several times over, through online poker. His largest win to date is $2.1 Million in July, playing the 200/400 PLO games as KaiBuxxe on Full Tllt.

Niki Jedlicka got his start playing limit holdem online, moving all the way up to 300/600, which was the highest limits at the time. Then he started playing Pot Limit Omaha on Full Tilt and decided to focus on that game from then on. He actually worked his way up from 10/20PLO to 200/400 simply by taking shots at the higher games. He ran well and then just settled at the top.

Even though Niki plays very well, he’s shown to practice little to no bankroll management or table selection online. You might see lose $500,000 one session, but then win $750,000 the next. So don’t be surprised to see him drop down a couple limits one day to rebuild.

However, despite his lack of game selection, Niki’s loose, aggressive, and fearless playing style loosens up tight tables and creates plenty of action for him. He’s able to control tables by forcing other players to adjust to his style.

Niki Jedlicka Pictures

KaiBuxxe sitting alone in a $40,000 buy-in game with $480,000. It’s hard to find new opponents when you’ve busted them all.

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