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sbrugby.jpgOnline poker names:

Sbrugby on Full Tilt Poker
Aba20 on PokerStars
Real Name: Brian Townsend
Age: Born 1982
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Who is Brian Townsend (Sbrugby, aba20)

Sbrugby (pronounced S.B. Rugby) is a regular at the highest stakes games on Full Tilt Poker. You can usually find him playing 200/400 no limit holdem and pot limit omaha. He also plays on PokerStars under the username aba20.

Sbrugby’s playing style is loose, aggressive and math oriented. He’s not a believer in tells, but rather understanding each players style and making adjustments accordingly. He admits that the money he plays for doesn’t affect him, but he hates losing and being out played.

Sbrugby started out playing .25/.50 limit holdem online in mid 2005. After moving up through the limits, he switched over to no limit holdem in 2006. Starting again from the low limits, he climbed up through the ranks and now plays and beats the largest NL and pot limit games online.

In real life, Sbrugby’s name is Brian Townsend. He lives in a self proclaimed mansion in Santa Barbara. Brian Townsend rarely plays in live games because of the inconvenience, but he tries to make it to the high profile tournaments for the chance to win and make a bigger name for himself.

In 2007 Brian Townsend made an appearance on ‘High Stakes Poker’, a high stakes cash game aired on the game show network. He was able to get on the show when the producer recognized his online username, Sbrugby, and offered him a seat. Over the course of 3 episodes he lost $100,000, which he mainly attributes to short term variance due to the limited amount of hands played.

Brian Townsend Photos

Brian Townsend
Brian Townsend probably thinking about how much more he can be making with cash games.
Sbrugby thanks the paired river for winning this $430,000 pot on Full Tilt Poker.

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