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Tuan LeOnline Names:

TeeDitty on Full Tilt Poker
Real Name: Tuan Le
Age: 29
Location: Los Angeles, California

Who is Tuan Le (TeeDitty)?

Tuan Le is either one of the best or luckiest tournament players around. His loose aggressive style always makes you question whether he’s a genius or just a lucky donk, even with his three WPT wins that earned him $4,500,000.

Greg Raymer (Fossilman) analyzed his play and said the following about Tuan Le’s style:
“I’ve played in cash games on several occasions with Tuan, particularly triple draw and badugi. He is a very talented poker player. However, he does gamble too much, especially early in the hand. He makes many poor plays early in a hand, but then makes great reads and decisions later in a hand. Which makes him a very frustrating person to play against.

I can promise you that if we asked a bunch of tournament regulars who they don’t want at their table, his name would be picked ahead of many players who are clearly considered to be much better. The volatility that comes with having Tuan in the game is huge.”

Online, Tuan Le plays poker as TeeDitty on Full Tilt Poker. He fearlessly plays high stakes cash games, including $40,000 PLO, $60,000 NL, and $1k/$2k horse, as if he has a stack full of play money. His style is slightly toned down from his televised image, but that’s still looser then 99% of poker players

Despite Tuan Le’s success, he has no problem find action online. It has been noted that pro’s would fight over playing on Tuan Le’s TeeDitty account because of the loose image that comes with it. When you play against Tuan Le, you have to make loose calls that you wouldn’t otherwise consider with most players.

Tuan Le Photos

Tuan Le
Tuan Le – “I will eat your stack like this apple!”