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Poker Rooms Review

First off we have our poker rooms review, and no matter which room you want to know a little bit or a lot more about, you can do so by clicking on the brand name. It will take you to a full length review that one of our online poker experts has written. We try all the poker rooms ourselves before writing the reviews and handing out ratings in order to keep them as authentic as humanly possible. We take lots of pride in our reviews being accurate and having tons of detail. As you will see when you read one of them, we have broken down each review into many different sections that any poker player would want to know before finding a new room to call home. We certainly didn’t list every single poker room out there, because there are plenty of them out there that simply haven’t gotten great reviews, and fallen behind the pack. You can be assured that all of the rooms we’ve listed are top of the line, no exceptions.

Real Money Poker Rooms

All of the above listed options are real money poker rooms that have stakes ranging all the way from micro stakes up to high stakes, and everything in between. Being large sites with plenty of player volume, you will also be able to play real money for many different poker variations, with NL Holdem being the most popular. You can also play Limit Holdem, Omaha, Omaha H/L, Badugi, Stud, Draw games, HORSE and many more. Simply read any review and find out exactly which games each individual poker room spreads. You can also check out the mobile poker rooms for your convenience at all times for real money – unfortunately, it is only for non-US players.

Free Poker Rooms

If you wanted to try out a room before making a real money deposit you can also do that by playing with the free chip account balance that they give you for signing up. This free money is so you can practice your poker skills or get used to playing hands of online poker if you are new. Most people quickly move on to the real money games, but there are also things called freerolls in which you can win real money with a free entry. Most of you probably already know about freeroll tournaments.

US Poker Sites

If you are from any country outside of the US, you are going to have more options to what rooms you can sign up for. Since lots of Americans are looking for sites that accept players from their country, we have made a separate section for all of your top options. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of worthwhile friendly, online US poker rooms that remain, and some are world class as you will find out.

Poker Rooms Bonus

As you can see in our neat chart that we made, you can take a quick glance and see what kind of bonus offer each poker room is offering. Poker sites offer welcome deposit bonuses in order to attract you over the competition, as you know, it is a pretty cut throat and competitive industry. You shouldn’t base signing up soley on how much the max bonus is, the more important fact is the percentage, because it will reflect that percentage no matter how much money you are depositing in this poker room.

Poker Sites

Overall, we have really pegged down the top online poker sites in the world, picked them all apart, and reported back here in the form of ratings and reviews. If you click on one to read it you are sure to find the high amount of effort that went into each piece. You can also check out the homepage of each of these poker room brands simply by clicking on the play now button instead, which will take you right to the official site. Some people want to see what these brands have to say for themselves instead of reading editor reviews, and that is also a good way to get to know a site really quickly.

Remember to bookmark this page and come back often as we always keep this changing page updated with the latest in the top poker mac rooms for both your Mac and PC! If you can’t figure out which one you want to sign up for and start playing real money, here is a hint: Choose the one with the biggest bonus, you can’t go wrong.