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BetOnline General Information

BetOnline is currently the fastest growing poker room in the United States. The reason is, because it’s not only one of the best online poker rooms on the market, but it’s a premier habitat for hungry poker grinders looking to make a killing at the poker table. With a variety of players from around the globe, and an influx of Americans dying to get into some intense action, BetOnline Poker has quickly become one of the fastest growing poker sites in 2011.

There are Freerolls, tournaments, and cash games at every level. Worried about losing profitability because you normally play on off-peak hours? There are players in the same boat as you, and they’re waiting for you just like you’re waiting for them. Better yet, if you’re ever curious about what’s going on around the clock, they have 24/7 customer support that can deliver the information you need. Trust me, you’ll be begging for a reason to not play on BetOnline Poker, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one.

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BetOnline Layout and Features

The site functions in the manner that a poker site needs to, it provides the necessary tools to make players successful. You’ll find that there are still hoards of players dying for a site to mimic the skins of their former online poker site, but BetOnline Poker has always been original. You notice when you open their platform, that you’ll see exactly what’s required, no glitz or glam, simply business tools that should be utilized at their full potential.

The site lists information regarding each table you select, a sports ticker, stakes of all levels, cashier menus, connection strength, sportsbook transfers, horse racing and also casino play. Often when you open a poker lobby you’ll see graphical displays that are inviting, but don’t get you to the source of your income; the virtual poker felt. You won’t be wasting time on BetOnline Poker, you can step into a game within seconds after opening the program.

What’s most functional about the site is that you can adjust nearly any aspect you wish, from card deck color to sound, and everything in between. To do so, you won’t have to fumble through many menus either. Almost everything you want is readily available, including their in-depth table statistical menu on the main screen. Covering a lot of things you would want to know about the table you’re joining, you can find out average pot size, players to a flop, the designated table limit, as well as how long the waiting list is. It’s all there for you on BetOnline Poker.

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BetOnline Customer Service

So maybe your connection went south. Your internet service provider said it’s not your physical internet connection, but possibly a problem with your software. If you encounter an issue that BetOnline Poker needs to address, they have support ready any time of day. Their support team is normally thorough in answering your questions, and they typically respond fast when you’ve indicated urgency. But regardless of your inquiry, they always treat their players with respect in dignity no matter how small the problem.

When getting a hold of BetOnline Poker, you can use several methods. You can call be phone, by email, fax or live chat. For all you obsessed with instant messaging, you can even talk through a Skype screenname with a BetOnline Poker representative if you prefer.

BetOnline Poker is driven by feedback and ideas from the players, because this is the driving force behind any successful online business. BetOnline Poker isn’t in the market only to make money, their also there to make sure players have a great experience and that their software is innovative and cutting-edge in terms of market leadership.

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Competition at BetOnline

Arguably the highlight of this online site, new players are joining the site by the minute begging to give away their money. Although we do not want to get too ahead of ourselves, every second that you wait to sign up you’re missing a new fish that is depositing his money at the table.

Veterans of poker can appreciate the soft fields on BetOnline Poker, as this is where the bulk of profits lie. You will encounter players that are very good, or even world-class, but smart and adaptive players will carefully choose their battles to guarantee the best success.

The lower stakes games (typically from the micros up to $2/4) are the most profitable because this is where many beginners start from. If you are hoping to make a quick buck, these areas should be your primary focus for at least awhile.

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Poker Games at BetOnline

Unfortunately, most sites do have one area where they fall a bit short, and BetOnline Poker’s weakness is its poker offerings. Most players won’t be disappointed, however, because both Hold’em and Omaha have been included, but poker enthusiasts and specialists in other areas will be sad knowing that they can’t utilize all of their tricks of the trade.

BetOnline Poker makes up for this a bit by delivering a casino suite that’s jam-packed with popular favorites and upcoming hits, and during those instances where you need a break from poker, it won’t be a bad idea to step into the world of chance to test your luck.

If you are alternatively a sports bettor, you can give horse racing a try, and the inclusion of a sports ticker at the bottom of the lobby screen will assist Sunday savants who cater their time towards NFL, NBA or NHL betting lines.

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Poker Tournaments at BetOnline

Looking for the big score? Look no further than the real-money tournament tables on BetOnline Poker. It is surprising how many players complain about never winning a big multi-table tournament, but what they need to realize is that even if they’re really good, the variance involved with the massive player fields diminishes their edge greatly.

However, this detriment is cured on BetOnline Poker, because the player pools are a lot smaller, and it gives you the chance to win a big guaranteed tournament or freeroll. Even if neither one of these tournament types are your favorite, you can experiment with freezeouts, rebuys and many others if you so choose. Their isn’t a lack of options in the tournament department, and even Sit-N-Go junkies can dominate their craft by taking advantage of weak competition and multiple levels of play.

Be sure to look out for the occasional qualifier or satellite to your favorite live poker tournament too such as the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour or World Poker Tour!

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The good ol’ Freeroll tournament. Some players insist that everyone should try to win one, some suggest that it’s the worst place any poker player could ever start. While our opinion falls somewhere in the middle, BetOnline does its best to let you decide on your own.

There are a couple different levels of freeroll tournaments available, and you may enter them every hour. They have POP point freerolls (which require entry by POP points), cash freerolls, and turbo freerolls. Each tournament is specific in its prize pool, how many players can enter, and what places are paid. You’ll need to take a look before entering to see which tournament is most lucrative.

They normally range from $10 to $200, but they’ve been known to run freerolls in excess of $500 on occasion!

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Poker Stakes

Since BetOnline Poker is still growing, it’s working on the perfect set of stakes to fit all types of players on the site. Nonetheless, what’s currently available such be sufficient for the everyday or seldom player.

You will be able to play micro stakes as low as $1c/2c, and you may also play higher stakes limits, usually up to around $5/10 for consistent action. BetOnline does spread bigger games, but they are not frequently inhabited and are very tough to beat even when running.

Most of the action is concentrated in the small-stakes arena.

Tournament players will also enjoy a wide array of buy-ins, as there is even a $150,000 guaranteed tournament every month!

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Players Reward

BetOnline Poker rewards its players by giving them POP Points. These points are earned by playing in any real-money poker setting, via either a tournament or a ring game. Every time you play, you will be earning POP points.

After you have accumulated enough of these, you will need to spend them in BetOnline Poker’s POP2Cash tournaments. A certain number of places are paid, and if you finish within the set cutoff, you will be given a certain amount of cash. These tournaments vary in scope, with it is deviation primary caused by the amount of POP points you’re willing to surrender as an entry fee.

As a more secure form of rewards, poker players on the site can also win free play bonuses up to 25% for tournament play, just by making a deposit. Speaking of deposit bonuses, they also have one of the best welcome bonuses in the industry by alloting a “Guaranteed Lifetime Bonus” of 25% on every deposit you make. By signing up through Poker on a Mac, you will be ensuring you receive one of the best welcome offers found anywhere!

Certain terms and conditions do apply. You can visit the site for more details.

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Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit Options: VISA, Mastercard, Person-to-Person, Money Orders, Moneybookers, NETeller, Book-to-Book, Bankwire and Check.

Withdrawal Options: Check, Bankwire, ACH, Person-to-Person, NETeller, Moneybookers, and Book-to-Book.

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