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Cash game strategy is completely different from what you may be used to in poker tournaments. The blinds will always stay small in proportion to the stack sizes, and you can add more chips whenever you get low. You can play one hand and then get up and leave, or 1000 hands. There’s no busting out of the game, unless you lose your bankroll.

If you’re looking to earn a steady income playing poker, cash games are the way to go. Sure tournaments get all the publicity, but the cash game players are the ones who are really making the bank.

You should have a large bankroll for the stakes you’re playing. No single win or loss should have a large impact on your bankroll size. Remember, that you’re not trying to take out the entire table in a cash game. You just have to play your cards right and focus on making the best possible decision for each situation.

You can play any type of poker game in cash game form. The following are the most popular poker cash games in both online poker rooms and live casinos:

Limit Holdem Strategy

Limit Holdem rewards patient analytical players. You have to sit back, wait for good hands, and then you can get in there and start raising. You’ll find that most fancy plays, like slow playing, check raising, and bluffing in general, will hurt you in the long run. Instead, just try to get as many chips in the pot when you’re head and get out when you’re behind. […]

No Limit Hold’em Strategy

If you can’t stand playing sitting back and waiting forever for a decent hand, then No Limit Hold’em is your poker game. The structure of No Limit Hold’em allows you to play a wider selection of hands, because it doesn’t cost much to enter a pot, in comparison to how much you can win. Still, you have to be careful after the flop, because you can lose your entire stack in one hand. […]

Pot Limit Omaha Strategy

Omaha hi is one of the craziest, and most fun, poker cash games to play. There’s lots of money flying around the tables and a lot of variance. No single hand has a huge advantage over the other, so you’ll often see a lot of players still in the hand on the flop. The players who win in Omaha Hi are the ones who can best out play their opponents post flop. […]

Omaha Hi Lo Strategy

Smart Omaha Hi/Lo players find this poker game to be one of the most beatable, for a steady low variance earn rate. The reason for this is because Omaha Hi/Lo strategy is so difficult, due to the complexities involved in calculating odds, that very few players can learn to master this game. […]

Stud Hi Lo Strategy

This is another game that can either be one with a high or a low hand. In stud you’re dealt 3 cards (two down, one up) followed by one additional card and a round of betting until everyone has 7 cards. After learning the basics of the game, the aspect that separates the winners from the losers is the ability to remember all of the known cards that were dealt. This will help you tremendously in calculating your odds. […]

Razz Strategy

Razz is like played out like Stud Hi/Lo, without the high. The goal is to get the lowest possible five card hand, with A2345 being the nuts. Suits don’t have any effect, and pairing cards hurts you, because you at least need five unique cards for a hand. Razz becomes a game of psychological warfare that revolves around figuring out what your opponents hidden cards are. […]

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Strategy

This is the least common poker game on this list, but that’s not necessity a bad thing. While everyone works on perfecting their strategy for popular poker games, like Hold’em, smaller games like 2-7 Triple Draw are ignored. So instead of focusing on the big poker games, why not master this game so you can dominate other players when you see a table running. […]

Short Handed Poker Strategy

It’s interesting how when you change one small aspect of a poker game, like the amount of players at a table, the strategy completely changes. Short Handed poker games are becoming more popular lately, because of the higher action and larger edge it gives to bigger players. You really have to open up your hand selection and ‘start playing poker’ to make it in a short handed poker game. […]

Heads Up Poker Strategy

Playing one on one will take most of the variables out of the game and let the better player shine in the long run. A strong understanding of your opponent, mixing up your playing style, and utilizing various poker tactics are key to playing successful heads up poker. You should focus heavily on game selection and going after weaker opponents when choosing a heads up cash game. […]