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One great tool you can use to improve your online poker strategy is to become an active member in Poker Forums. Poker Forums contain a wealth of poker strategy related information and allow you to share your thoughts and ideas about poker with other members and also seek help and advice from other poker players. Some of the best poker forums have frequent discussions about Poker Math including topics like EV (Expected Value), calculating outs, and pot odds and the difference between implied odds and reverse implied odds.

To get the maximum benefit from being a member of a poker forum you should be willing to share some of your ideas and Poker Tips with other members.  The better quality advice you give, the more likely other members of the poker forum will also share their opinion or favorite poker tip with forum members. For example, there is a great article on how to play Small Pocket Pairs after the Flop , this would be a great topic to share in a poker forum because it is very topic specific and provides clear, solid advice that most beginning to intermediate poker players would find very beneficial. As previously mentioned, the higher quality advice you give, the more likely other members are to provide quality poker advice also. Therein lays the secret, instead of spending a lot of money on a private poker coach, or losing a boatload of hard earned cash experimenting with new plays and ideas you can learn from others’ mistakes and successes and hopefully win more money playing poker.

One of our favorite new poker forums is, they have a very Web 2.0 look & feel, the members are friendly, the forum is moderated (ie spammy posts and rude members aren’t tolerated), and best of all it is run by experienced professional poker players who provide high quality advice to improve your poker game. Poker Strategy Forums has also partnered with some of the best web sites on the net to provide you with other poker related information like Poker Videos and updates on High Stakes Poker players who are winning or losing 100k+ on any given day playing online poker.