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Poker Tools: When playing poker online you can do many things that you would never be allowed to do. When you lose a hand you can scream and curse with no one at the table able to hear you. You can get excited when you pick up a big hand. Also, you can use a variety of different poker tools to improve your play and give you vital information about the game. There are a variety of different poker tools available online, and here are just a few of the tools available for anyone to use.

1. Poker-Edge is a player tracking software that lets you know exactly who you are up against. Poker-Edge keeps poker statistics on online poker players and shows you what kind of players your opponents are. If your opponent is a very loose player with little skill, Poker-Edge will let you know. If they are a very strong player, Poker-Edge will give you a warning. Poker-Edge has a very simple display to instantly show you this information on your opponent. The display will place icons next to each player, such as a fish for a weak player, a bomb for a player who will wait for hands, but will play them aggressively, and a shark for the most dangerous of opponents. There are numerous more icons, and there is also a small window that lists every player with their icon and their names color-coded so you don’t have to look all around the table. A player with their name in green is a weak player while a player with their name in red is a tough player. If you want, you can also look at Poker-Edge’s database of statistics on each player to get an exact view on who they are at the poker table.

2. Texas Calculatem is a poker tool that will show you the poker odds of you winning the hand as well as showing you the mathematically correct move. In addition, Texas Calculatem will give advice that based on the number of players, your position, playing style, and many other factors. All this information is displayed in a small window that does not interfere with your view of the poker table and your ability to wage war against the other players.

3. Pokerbility is a tool that is very similar to Texas Calculatem. Pokerbility will also show you the odds of the hand, the odds for you to make various hands such as a full house or a straight, and the number of outs you have that will improve your hand. Pokerbility will give you advice and also take into account your playing style, which you can change at any time depending on how you feel like playing. Just make sure that the Pokerbility window does not cover the poker table, as this has been known to cause problems. Pokerbility shows a tiny bit more information than Texas Calculatem, and displays the information in a fancier way, but in the end it really comes down to personal preference as to which one is better.

These are just a few of the online poker tools that are available to online poker players. Remember to always research each poker tool you are considering using and compare it to other available poker tools to make sure you are using the poker tools that are best for you.