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Poker tournaments are most associated with high buy-in, multi-table events, like what you would usually see on TV. But little do most poker players know, there’s a variety of different poker tournament styles, like Multi-table tournaments, Single table tournaments, and satellite tournaments. And within those tournament styles are different sub-categories that each require a different strategy.

If your only knowledge of poker tournaments comes from televised events, then you have a lot of poker strategy to learn. TV networks over dramatize poker tournaments by only showing the action hands and usually ignoring key aspects of the game, like stack sizes in relation to the blinds. It’s great for entertainment, but it’s not the best way to learn your poker tournament strategy.

You can’t play poker tournaments like cash games. The blinds are always moving up and if you can’t keep up with them, you’ll be doomed. You need to focus on survival. you’ll often be put in situations where the statistically incorrect move is the correct play. for the sake of keeping your stack size up.

Multi-Table Tournament Strategy

Poker tournament Pros are getting all the glory these days. They make it seem like they can go into any field and just cut right through them to the final table. It doesn’t exactly work like this. While you can get a nice edge over the other players, you’ll still always be a long shot to win one. So don’t get discouraged when you’re going through a bad streak, because one good score will make up for that and more.

Rebuy Tournament Strategy

Usually when you get knocked out of a tournament, you’re done. However, Rebuy Tournaments give you the option of rebuying up to a certain amount as many times as you want during the Rebuy period. At the end of the Rebuy period, you’ll have the option to ‘Add-on’ by purchasing additional chips for your stack. Play is significantly different during the Rebuy stages and it opens up a whole new array of strategies to consider.

Sit and Go Strategy

Sit and Go’s are single table tournaments where usually the top 3 players finish in the money. They’re almost like playing the final table of Multi-Table Tournament. Some players feel that you have to play these to win, but you should play them to money first, and then go for the win. The tried and true strategy for single table tournaments is to play tight early on and loosen up as the blinds get bigger.

Satellite Tournament Strategy

If you’re looking to parlay a small amount of cash into a down payment on a house, then satellites are your game. Satellites are poker tournaments where the prize is an entry into a larger event. The strategy differs in satellite tournaments, because you know exactly where you need to finish to win the prize. As you get closer to the prize, the cards almost become irrelevant. You just need to focus on pure tournament strategy.