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Review of BetOnline Sportsbook

As we know, there are a ton of available sport books on the web. Because they’ve grown so significantly in size, it’s become a bit harder to distinguish one from another. However, BetOnline Sports book has moved to the forefront in many categories, one of them being their inclusion of American bettors in their player pool. But it’s not just this that makes them popular – BetOnline has a host of features and betting opportunities that have sports bettors blown away. BetOnline has not only become a marquee destination for U.S. visitors, but also a haven for some of the most skilled and inspired sports bettors in the world.

Being in operation since 1991, BetOnline as a whole has produced poker and casino entertainment options that have also lived up to expectations. Even with many other opportunities and sites being available, BetOnline wanted to make sure that they could be a force in the industry by expanding rapidly. Since birth BetOnline’s purpose has been to bring a complete experience to each and every customer on their site, and they’ve done this through over 20 years of operation.

Their longevity is predicated on their ability to analyze both current and future trends, and in turn they’re always able to stay a few steps ahead of the competition and offer things they can’t. They have live sports betting, and have for a little while – a trend just now catching up with the online sports book community. While we’ve mentioned it already, let’s keep in mind that they’re also one of the remaining few sites that continue to offer real money play to North American visitors, something that few other sites are willing (or capable) of doing.

But when we get down to it one thing truly matters – the sports betting. BetOnline makes sure that they have all the games, events, fights and award shows covered because they know that their clientele wants to bet on it. Even if they’re now aware now, they know that they will be in the future. Having a site that’s so focused on advancement and technology are characteristics that every sports bettor wants; it keeps them both interested and on top of every occurrence in the sports world which allows them to make a ton of cash.

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About BetOnline Sportsbook

You don’t have to make 10 wagers to realize that this site is towards the top of its demographic. Because of BetOnline’s propensity to satisfy consumers, they’ve jumped ahead of many of the other sport books already. What they’ve done better than most other sport books is include secondary options for real money play. One BetOnline account will give you access to all of their wonderful gaming platforms, each with their own unique brand of excitement and atmosphere. You can play casino games such as Craps, Roulette or Blackjack, jump to the poker rooms to dominate those games, or return to the racetrack to watch horses fly out of their stables. Because of the comprehensiveness of BetOnline, players find little reason to go anywhere else.

Betting on sports is one of BetOnline’s primary focuses, however, and they haven’t relaxed when it comes to improving this atmosphere. Because sports betting can be tedious, finding new ways to spice up the genre has become a task they’ve zeroed in on. They try to add as many events and games as possible, but all of the major players are there – hockey, basketball, football, soccer, golf, tennis, and baseball. If we left out a major player in the world of sports don’t fret, just because we didn’t list it doesn’t mean BetOnline doesn’t have it. In all likelihood they do, and they have various games and lines you can select to make every game you watch more interesting.

Their reputation amongst American and Canadian visitors is the highest, and while most of their consumers enjoy their platform, because of the availability to these two particular residents, they hold BetOnline in high regard. Because of some legal issues in regards to bank accounts and third party online gaming processors, it’s become more and more difficult to make deposits or withdrawals if you’re from these areas. However, with BetOnline’s ingenuity and financial resources, they’ve made this situation a breeze. A hassle-free environment welcomes players who live in both territories.

Unfortunately, while having a great rapport in the online community is great, you need to offer something more to keep consumers intrigued. Well to be quite honest, nothing is more important than being able to actually win money, and BetOnline provides that with their sports book. Regardless of whether you’re an avid bettor or you wager recreationally, many would agree that the lines are good enough for even beginners to make a little cash. Betting lines and spreads are adjusted to an industry standard – they use a lot of information from Vegas odds and adapt based on their actual bets. But since BetOnline isn’t Vegas, they little more wiggle room than you could expect in Sin City, which is to every player’s favor.

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Software and Features at BetOnline

BetOnline made sure that they had most bases covered. Bets can be placed in any major sporting genre, which is ultimately where the bulk of profits for the site and the players come from. Nonetheless, maybe you want to venture outside of the box a bit. To the abnormal bettors delight, you’ll find a host of peculiar bets such as parlays, if-bets, futures and reverses. You may not want to place thousands of dollars in any of these categories, but they can be exciting temporarily and provide relief from the day-to-day grind that can be sports betting.

While it’s not something you would immediately notice, the layout for placing wagers on BetOnline’s site is very efficient. Once you enter the “sports book” page, you’ll be greeted with the day’s most popular picks along with a betting side bar. In this side bar you’ll be able to watch all of your bets; the amount, the bet and what you’ll win will all be displayed after you make your wager. It’s a nice way to monitor what you’re doing if you get in the habit of placing multiple wagers at once. It can be easy to lose track of your bets, especially in the real world, but one benefit of BetOnline is that they keep things neat and organized for you to find the moment you log in.

On the left side of the “Sports book” page you’ll notice the various sports you can bet on. Each has a unique drop down box, and after clicking, various events for both that day and the future will show. You can select a game to find out more information on what you can bet on, and how much. The current odds will be displayed, along with other betting line information.

Since it’s a sports book, the actual site isn’t as feature-heavy as some of the other more intricate sites like the casino and poker rooms. However, some unique aspects such as being able to watch some games and events live, along with dabble in various casino and poker games by depositing real money is available to everyone. In particular, the live sports betting feature has become very popular, although it’s primarily for NFL and NCAA football.

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Types of Bets at BetOnline

So we’ve decided we want to place a wager on a sporting event. How do we do so? BetOnline has a plethora of different ways to make your wagers. From teasing on 21-Blackjack sports wagers, to playing your games straight, you’ll have more than enough options when it comes to making your favorite event more exciting. What’s great about sports betting is that even if you’ve bet against your favorite team, you’ll still be happy if your favorite team wins!

Because many games have different ways you can bet them, you don’t want to be in the dark on the many forms of sports betting. Because of this, you may want to do a little research on the topic before you dive head first into the action. Aimlessly placing bets because the line “seems” to be good shouldn’t be your form of sports betting; instead you’ll want to dissect lines in their entirety to ensure yourself the best chance at cash. Depending on the type of bet you choose to make, you’ll site relevant information displayed that can help you make the appropriate decision. What each bet pays, what needs to be accomplished to win, and what odds are being laid are all pieces of information you’ll get by reviewing your bets and researching on the site.

To see your bets you’ll need to sign up at BetOnline first, but after you’ve done so you can go directly to your account page to see what you’ve bet on thus far. If you’re making a new bet, after signing in just click on the “sports book” page to view various games and lines and choose which one looks appealing.

If you’re looking to put some serious money down on a game, look no further than this site. It doesn’t hurt BetOnline that they have American consumers who are aching to make massive sports wagers because can’t do so many other places than Vegas. Understanding that their American clientele has high expectations, they’ve given in to their desires and granted them with massive betting limits. You can still bet small, as little as $1, but you can also bet as much as $20,000 at one time depending on the game and bet type. Some people are putting it all on the line by wagering $20,000 on a game, but for some, it’s simply another day and another dollar for a professional sports bettor.

Even if you happen to be a person in the latter category, you will be happy knowing that even massive bets like this don’t sway betting line dramatically. While they do affect them, in totality a wager of this size is modest in comparison to the sum of all betting being done on one event. Having a steadily betting line is in the favor of the players, because they won’t have to continuously check and alter their bets to accompany changing odds and payouts. This potentially puts more money in your pocket, rather than fill the wallet of BetOnline.

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Customer Service

Just because BetOnline doesn’t have its name surrounded by bright lights just yet, doesn’t mean it’s not a reputable and friendly site. They take care of all of their patrons like family, catering to nearly all of the issues they may have, no matter how big or small. Because BetOnline is growing as well, the number of staff member on call ready to answer your questions is also growing in number. What this means is better, faster service, and less time spent dealing with issues and more time increasing betting profits. Speed isn’t always the most important aspect in a customer service team, but it doesn’t hurt that BetOnline’s support staff always addresses problems in a quick and precise manner.

So how do we get a hold of a staff member? There are a few ways, but telephone and email are the most essential. You can place bets through both avenues, and you can also speak with customer service representatives if you ever come across site issues or have questions in regards to what certain bets mean. It’s nice to still find a site that has telephone service, because the service makes patrons feel like they’re getting a personalized experience. Email support is still useful, and often times responses in this category can come back with more detail than you might encounter in a short conversation over the phone.

BetOnline has a “Help” page designated for visitors who need to locate specific answers to specific questions. These are usually more common responses such as “what is a teaser”, or “how do I make a wager?” In these circumstances players may be better off consulting the Help page rather than waiting for a short email responses or being placed on telephone hold. The Help page is there for that purpose – tackling easy questions with detailed answers that explain everything that someone would need to know.

When it comes to sports betting, the legality of the hobby can come into question. Because certain states do or don’t allow wagers to be made on sports, you should consult local state laws to ensure you’re not breaking any laws by participating at BetOnline Sports book. BetOnline Sports book does take measures to protect their patrons too, and they follow strict regulatory guidelines within their country of operation. They have no tolerance for cheating, on any of their gaming platforms, and if you’re caught cheating you will be penalized severely. They outline all of their rules and regulations under the “terms of service” portion of their web page.

Gaming responsibly both means paying attention to how you play, but also how much you play and making sure that you’re “playing within your limit”. Gambling isn’t fun anymore if you’re playing to pay bills, take care of finances, or satisfy an addiction. There’s help in situations like this, and BetOnline can the resources to rectify this problem. Phone numbers and email addresses for recovery programs are listed at the bottom of the site under “Responsible Gaming”.

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Player Rewards, Welcome Bonus and VIP Program

Every time you place a bet on any of the BetOnline sites, you’re going to receive VIP Points. Because you’re playing for real money, BetOnline is going to reward you regardless of the outcome because you’ve proved that you want become an important part of their business. Looking at how much you bet, how much you average, and what you’re betting on BetOnline Sports book will tally up your results and give you points accordingly. If you have enough points and money wager, you can be included in one of their various “tiers” to receive bonuses and cash rewards exclusive to that tier! The highest levels receive the best rewards. It’s as simple as that!

In a nice addition, in the realm of sports betting you’ll encounter rare events such as the Olympics, the Super Bowl or Grand Slams that only occur a few times a year, or once every few years. Because these great events are both exciting for fans and die-hard sports bettors, BetOnline tries to keep things interesting by adding promotions and advertisements that up the ante. They understand that finding and researching information on world athletes can be exhausting and difficult, but if you have the talent and stamina to dig in and pull out consistent sports betting wins they want to reward you. The loyal and most successful patrons will receive lavish rewards, you’ll have to log in and view the BetOnline promotional page to find out what all the excitement is about!

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Depending on the country you reside in, certain methods may or may not be available. Nonetheless, it should be stated that BetOnline’s extensive deposit and withdrawal program should suit nearly anyone. Even those from the United States will be pleased at both processing times, and the amount of options available for use. In addition, every thirty days you’ll be issued a $50 credit to take care of processing fees in terms of withdrawals. It’s a great way to save money, and nice of BetOnline to give back to its devoted patrons. BetOnline also covers any fees on transfers of $300 or more!

Different minimums and maximums apply for each deposit and withdrawal method. Visit the web page for more details.

Here are a few of the deposit methods:

American Express, Mastercard, VISA (Credit Cards, Gift Cards for “International Online use”, prepaid or Person to Person transfers), Money Orders, Moneybookers, Neteller, Book to Book Transfers (a free way to transfer funds to your BetOnline account from another participating sports book), Bank Wire, Bank Check via FedEx, UPS, DHL or any other next-day courier. BetOnline does not accept personal checks.

Here are some of the withdrawal methods:

Check, Book to Book, Moneybookers, Neteller, Western Union, Moneygram, Person to Person payments, and ACH payment directly to your bank account.

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