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Bovada Sports Review

Bovada Sportsbook, previously known as Bodog Inc., has become the premier destination for online bettors to find the best lines and make premium wagers. Because of the site’s outstanding reputation, attention to detail, and a plethora of options, bettors from across the globe have decided to call Bovada Sportsbook home. With a few legal issues plaguing the company in terms of their U.S. customers, they’re now back and better than ever with improved software, and a new approach to how online gaming should be implemented.

Despite the lack of a presence in the United States for a brief time, Bovada hasn’t skipped a beat in terms of overall popularity and rapport. They’ve most recently refocused their target market to that of the Eastern Hemisphere, placing emphasis on the areas of Europe and Asia. Being two of the biggest continents, and also understanding that the popularity of both online gaming and sports betting is increasing in those locations, it was almost a no-brainer for Bovada to concentrate on such a lucrative opportunity. However, they haven’t pulled out of the U.S. market, and they’ll continue to be a major player in the world of sports betting to American visitors.

While the online sports book is the primary topic of conversation, it’s important to note that Bovada doesn’t just specialize in sports betting. Their site is all-encompassing, including poker, online casino games and horse betting. Because this world-class site is continuing to be operated by the same amazing staff that was host to the successful Bodog company, it’s remained efficient in its approach towards giving each and every type of player what they’re looking for.

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Bovada Sports Software

Giving Bovada an edge over several other competitors is their easy-to-use sports betting system. Some online sports books will allow you to download complicated software, many of which are cluttered with unnecessary information, useless features and other mumbo jumbo that’s only purpose seems to be to confuse you. This site has done away with the extracurricular functions and instead gives visitors just what they want; a simple platform capable of handling several different types and amounts of sport bets.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, Bovada does well by including a sleek and modern theme, reminiscent of what they’ve typically applied for years with the Bodog brand. The red and black theme colors remain intact, and although they could probably use an update, they’re still eye-catching and serve their purpose. Aside from the visual pattern, Bovada lets visitors know from the jump that they mean business by giving them a bet slip – located on the right side of the site – and also the current lines as soon as you open their sports betting page.

Because all of your sports betting content is relegated to the Web, you’ll be at the mercy of your Internet connection in terms of speed. What’s beneficial about this approach, however, is that you won’t have to worry too much about interruptions or disconnects unless it’s on your end. More relevant in terms of online games such as poker or casino play, if you happened to be playing on either of these sites as well, Bovada is very stable in terms of gameplay.

Switching from sport-to-sport is a breeze online, and you’ll have little to no issue with finding the appropriate sport and situation you wish to bet on. Because of such a wide array of options, they’ve made sure to make the betting process as easy as possible, something all players will appreciate long term.

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Sports Offered at Bovada

Definitely not a slouch in this category, if your desire is to be overwhelmed with selection then look no further than Bovada Sports Book. Basketball, football, soccer, hockey, tennis, boxing, golf, mixed martial arts, nascar, baseball and even darts can be bet upon at any time. During certain times of the year, they won’t hesitate to include more seldom, but exciting betting opportunities such as the Super Bowl, World Series and Olympic events. Regardless of what your niche is, you’ll find it here and in its full glory in terms of betting options.

When it comes to betting, you will be able to tease, if bet and reverse, single bet, and parlay and robin amongst other types. If at any time you need help figuring out what to bet, what the best odds are, or review your bets you can do this all on the right side of the web site by clicking on your “bet slip”. This will be where all of your wagers are made, and you can keep track of your profits, losses and what you’re wagering.

In a nice add-on, Bovada even gives bettors a heads-up on what the top 5 current wagers are on their site. Whether it be because of popularity or because these particular bets offer a great chance to win, Bovada wants to keep you informed so you don’t regret a chance to score some big bucks.

To the delight of frequent sports bettors, you’ll have the rare chance to place wagers using your mobile device with Bovada Sports Book. Having the action in the palm of your hand will feel incredible, and should give you even more motivation to watch your team or players boost your bank account. Both smartphones and tablets have this feature available, and although there isn’t a Bovada Sports Book app just yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one in the future. For now, the web site will do just fine with both mediums.

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Bovada Bonus Info

Although this site isn’t going to blow you away in terms of bonus potential, Bovada Sports Book does try to make it worth your while to bet on their lines. For signing up and playing through them, they’re willing to give new customers up to 20% of their original deposit! In other words, if you were to deposit $100 with Bovada to bet on their sporting events, they would give you $20 free to use right off the top! They also have a Free Bet Bonus of up to $100! The rewards are plentiful at Bovada Sports Book.

Bovada wants to make sure they don’t exclude their loyal customers also, so even if you’ve already made a deposit you can take advantage of a variety of game and sport specific bonuses. The amount of bonuses you can receive will depend on how much you’re willing to wager and on what event. More often than not, the hottest events of the season will be littered with bonus opportunities, making them both exciting to watch and to bet on!

In order to receive your bonus reward, you won’t have to do much other than click on any one of the various Bovada Sports Book links found on this page or scattered throughout the site. As long as you’re directed to the Bovada Sports Book page from our link, you’ll be eligible to receive your bonus offer. It’s one of the easiest ways to score free cash, and you can do it directly from us!

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Other Rewards and Promotions

Since sports betting is very lucrative on its own if you make smart and informed wagers, finding additional value other than occasional free bets and welcome bonuses can come at a premium. Nonetheles, Bovada does attempt to provide other rewards to players who bet within certain limitations.

In example, Bovada is offering trips to Mardi Gras and Punta Cana if you meet the requirements of wagering for each of the desired trip packages. For those who wager often achieving multiple entries into the draw for these vacations will be easy – for others it may require a bit more effort. But regardless of how much or how little you bet, you will have chances to score big aside from sports bets when you play on Bovada.

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Customer Support

Bovada is always on your side in terms of customer support. No matter how critical or trivial the need, they’ll make sure that they address your issue with sincerity and regard. Most of us understand that sports betting is a recreational game for most, and for the more adept they make even make a wealthy living from being an everday sports bettor. However, if you ever feel yourself slipping out of control when it comes to gambling, Bovada can help by leading your to people who will listen and get your life back on track. It’s hard to determine when you have a problem yourself, and even tougher to self-remedy it, so if you have an issue yourself or know someone who does don’t hesitate to contact their helpful team.

If you have question that a bit less serious, but still important, Bovada has a well-organized Frequently Asked Questions page (known as their “Help” page) that will likely feature information on most of the topics you’re looking for.

When it comes to sports betting, for newcomers it can be a very intimidating and complex math problem. For those who enjoy math and sports, sports betting is definitely for you! But if you’re having issues getting started Bovada can help you with that. Within the “Bovada Sports Book Help” sections, you’ll find useful information on wager types, odds and lines, calculating a bet’s payout, using the sports book, live betting, rules and policies and also a glossary. There are many terms and phrases that you’ll need to familiarize yourself within in order to become a true sports betting savant. Even if you just plan on making a few small wagers, you’ll want to take a brief glance as the additional knowledge can only help you.

If you ever decide to take a venture into any of the other portions of the Bovada Gaming suite, you’ll also be able to locate strategy guides and assistance in each of these forums too. The casino and poker pages are filled with important resources to make you a massive winner!

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Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Depending on the area you reside, there may be more or less deposit and withdrawal options available to you. Because of some of the limitations and bank restrictions by geographic location, some of the options Bovada offers can only pertain to certain customers. However, in totality, Bovada Sports Book allows players to deposit using these methods:

Credit Cards, eWalletXpress, Rapid Transfer, Money Transfer, Click2Pay, NETeller, Moneybookers, PaySafeCard, SpeedCard.

To withdrawal, you can use any of the following methods (depending on location):

Check by mail, Check by Courier, Credit Card, NETeller, Moneybookers, SpeedCard.

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