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Review for Party Bets

For those who aren’t familiar with sports betting, the novelty and overwhelming complexity of the genre can be intimidating. Because sports’ betting requires both well-researched preparation and a knack for mathematical ingenuity, having these innate abilities already puts you at a substantial advantage. For those of us who don’t have those gifts, or aren’t necessarily inept in either category, we may shy away from the attraction of this field because of its quirky characteristics. However, sites like Party Bets help us dramatically in curing our fear, and also assist us in winning a few bucks along the way.

Because Party Bets is run and supported by the reputable Bwin-Party Gaming body, both new and existing customers know that they can expect world-class software and customer service from this brand. Before the merger existed both companies earned outstanding reviews throughout the industry, and their one-of-a-kind help continues with Party Bets. The staff is aware that you may need help if you’re a beginner, but Party Bets’ 24/7 customer service team is there to assist whenever you need them.

Party Bets is host to several different sports betting venues, including horse racing, basketball, baseball, hockey, and of course football. It goes without saying, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to betting on different events, Party Bets has difficult finding fierce and steady competition. With such a wide array of different wagers (even some particularly wild ones), you’ll find that you’ll rarely be bored when visiting the site.

Because Bwin-Party is host to many different gambling clients, those who enjoy sports betting on Party Bets may even gather up the courage to try another of their platforms. Downloadable programs for poker and casino gaming are available, and if sports betting ever ends up being too boring or costing too much you can always give another game a try. The poker and casino sites are just as important to loyal patrons of Bwin-Party, so you’ll regularly find games running around the clock.

Be sure to check out some of the games and betting opportunities Party Bets has today!

About Party Bets

Those who have been keeping up to date with recent online gambling news have probably read their fair share of shady reviews and unfortunate circumstances surrounding many online gambling vendors. What you may have also realized, is that Bwin-Party and Party Bets was never one of those companies being mentioned. The reason being is that Bwin-Party and its affiliates have a strong focus on providing the best environment and service – performing these tasks under the appropriate regulations and guidelines has trumped any extracurricular gain they could’ve achieved. Some sites will tell you that they’re safe and secure to play on, but because of Party Bets extensive history and rapport with consumers, after stumbling upon such an incredible atmosphere you’ll find it hard to go back.

The site is regulated and governed by the Government of Gibraltar, and has been since its induction into the online gaming world. Following closely the outline of rules provided in the Gambling Act of 2005, they’ve ensured that all of their games operate smoothly, correctly, and most important fairly. The outcomes of any of the games are never predictable and Party Bets lives up to the highest standards of gaming security and integrity.

Arguably what most readers want to know about Party Bets is whether or not you’ll be able to win. Because of a long list of different betting types such as medal bets, handicap bets and even/odd bets, you should be able to quickly locate your niche and place wagers in that forum. With many types of bets, bettors from all walks of life can find profitable lines and events to win money from. The bottom line: Party Bets knows you’ll enjoy their games and service, and they’ll do anything necessary to make sure you have fun and win cash simultaneously.

Be sure to check out some of the games and betting opportunities Party Bets has today!

Software and Features at PartyBets

In a nice change, many online sports books have done away with downloadable platforms and gone strictly with online only betting. Because it’s much easier to dynamically update lines and scores from a Flash or Java-based web page, it’s increased productivity for both bettors and staff. You’ll actually be hard-pressed to locate an online sports book that does things another way; if you do they’re probably doing something wrong and are way behind the times. Party Bets forgoes all those complications by maintaining a streamlined betting page capable of appeasing even the most stringent bettors.

While the mathematical and odds side of betting can be multifaceted, it’s nice to know that a sports book ultimately has one specific function: placing wagers on sporting events. Regardless of whether you’re teasing, playing straight up or with a spread, making sure that you have money on the game or event is the most crucial step. Party Bets makes this easier by laying out many of the day’s games directly on the “sports book homepage”, so you can gather a quick overview of what many fellow bettors have been interested in and are wagering on. The list doesn’t cater to any one particular sport either – it’s comprehensive in its summary of what’s most popular and can have the biggest effect on your wallet.

On the left side of the window you’ll be able to select any genre of sport specifically, and pick bets that are available for those sports. From football to tennis to golf, you’ll have more than enough games to select from depending on how in depth you’re willing to go. On the opposite side of the screen you’ll find your betting window, which can update you with your account information, along with your chosen bets for the day.

Nowadays in the modern world, everyone is moving at such a fast pace that it’s hard to keep up. In order to maintain order, most tech-savvy people use their cell phones to keep them organized. With Party Bets mobile app, you can keep your bets organized on the go, along with placing new wagers and cancelling others. It’s a nice way to stay informed while you’re in a meeting, hanging with friends or relaxing with family.

If you have the option, however, Party Bets allows all of their users to watch events live! Not every event that you can bet on is available, but many of the popular NFL and NCAA football games can be watched and wagered on simultaneously!

However, it may happen occasionally that you don’t want to bet on sports. Maybe you’ve had a rough week and would prefer to do something else. If your itch for gambling remains, Party Bets makes it easy for you to jump in other action by downloading either their casino or poker programs. Before their sports book opened Bwin-Party specialized in poker and casino gaming. They’re become masters at giving players in both fields what they want, so you’ll likely be blown away with the level of detail and service you’ll receive in those two areas as well. Even if you’re not experienced with either environment, the staff and layout of each platform makes it simple to jump into a game, table or slot machine and start winning right away. A nice change of pace; there are plenty of sports bettors who can’t wait to forget their night at the sports book and move on to greener pastures. Both poker and the casino games can provide that.

Since the Party Bets sports book is online, it’s nice not to have to worry about software bugs and fixes. Having the sports book available to all on the web simply requires only registration to participate. It keeps the margin of error minimal, and in turn increases the amount of action and betting for both constituents. On occasion with the stability of the site, Party Bets will allow live streaming of big-time sports events too, to add to the excitement!

Be sure to check out some of the games and betting opportunities Party Bets has today!

Types of Sports Bets at Party

While in theory sports betting truly has only one task – making a wager on a game – in practice things can be much more complicated. Sports’ betting has various ways you can make wagers, and because of these options people who have a keen sense or understanding how and what to bet on will have the most success. It seems simple; make a bet, sit back and watch your favorite event and reap in the cash if you win. However, Vegas and other various odds makers wouldn’t make any money if things were this mindless. Instead, because there are different types of bets and massive wagers being made betting lines from various bookmakers change regularly to maintain an edge for the house.

Party Bets has been known as one of the better sites for generous betting lines and spreads. Enthusiastic and winning sports bettors have a penchant to only find the best odds available, because they’re aware that this will provide them the most monetary benefit. They flock to Party Bets for this reason. Party Bets spends time adjusting lines frequently, but they never get too out of hand.

You can tease your bets, place straight wagers and bet according to the spread with Party Bets. Several other unique betting options such as 21-point lays are also available and to the benefit of the players. Because sites increase their competitive edge by offering the most features, Party Bets tried to make sure they were one step ahead when they designed their sports betting operation.

When you view lines individually, you’ll notice that you’ll be granted with a slew of information in regards to each participant. In example for tennis matches, you’ll have information on previous matches the two opponents played, the outcomes, along with how they’ve done in previous tournaments and events. Even the surfaces with which they’re the most dominant on (clay, hard, grass, etc.) are listed. In turn, you’ll find the types of bets available by clicking on the corresponding game or event. Your “wagering window” will also be useful in reviewing your bets, as you can scroll over each event you’ve placed wagers on and see for how much. In one easy-to-use screen, you’ll have a central hub of information ready for you to use to your advantage.

Some of the players who are major sports bettors might be curious as to what Party Bets allows for their maximum wagers. Most sports betting operations have this, and Party Bets’ maximum bet on any one wager is $12,000 USD. Their minimum is $1. They also have a maximum allowable total per week, which is $310,000 USD. Depending on how you decide to make your wager, either by telephone or online, you’ll have different restrictions in regards to betting limits. Generally speaking those who place bets over the phone will need to do so for higher amounts than those placed online.

Be sure to check out some of the games and betting opportunities Party Bets has today!

Customer Service at Party Gaming

As the case with nearly any online business operation, Party Bets makes sure that it addressed all customer service inquiries with speed. Most businesses understand that in order to hold boast high levels of customer retention, you need to be able to keep consumers happy and do so within an appropriate time frame. The average turnaround time for a response on Party Bets is 48 hours, although most questions come back answered within 24 hours. The friendly and intelligent staff always responds to your questions with respect, knowledge and relevancy, which can’t always be said of many online gambling companies.

The amount of contact methods for users to employ is also sufficient, as you may choose telephone, email or live chat. Each one has its own perks, and depending on how fast you’re looking for a response or the detail of your question you may decide to choose one over the other. Regardless of which method you choose, a welcoming staff member should be able to assist you within a very short time frame.

If you’re ever in an extreme rush, you can always take a glance at their “Frequently Asked Questions” page for instructions on how to diagnose and treat some issues yourself. With sports betting there truly isn’t much to learn in terms of actually placing wagers, so you shouldn’t encounter much trouble anyway. However, if you ever find yourself in a pickle in regards to what you’re betting on, how you should bet, or what the different options mean, the FAQ page is a great place to start. They have definitions of many of the phrases and terms used in sports betting, which can be a real life-saver for novices who are just learning the sport. The FAQ page may even just serve as a secondary option on those days when you just don’t feel like speaking with a customer service representative. It can happen to all of us!

If you ever feel as though you’re losing too much money, or that maybe your frustration and angst with sports betting has grown into a troublesome addiction, Party Bets does what it can to get you help. They have some brief but important information on Responsible Gaming, and it can at the very least be a starting point for recovering from problem gaming. Exterior resources such as hotlines, group support and therapy are also listed for those seeking additional assistance. Telephone numbers or contact information is given for each.

It should also be said that Party Bets has little to no reason to cheat anyone. Especially when it comes to sports betting, because of the line structure and betting amounts they have little to no reason to do so. Even with that said, they try to further comfort visitors and patrons on the franchise by detailing their legal standards and operational codes. iTech Labs – an independent tester of gaming and wagering devices – performs tests and other inquiries on the software to make sure everything is reliable and things go fairly. They have access to and control most of the critical components of the system, and their reputation will back the claim that you have little to worry about in terms of safety and security.

Be sure to check out some of the games and betting opportunities Party Bets has today!

Player Rewards and the VIP program

Sure, it will be nice when you score a huge win from a sports bet. However, what about those times when you lose? Will there ever be a consolation prize? Of course! It comes in the form of Party Bets VIP Rewards system.

Considering the amount you bet, what you’re betting on, and how frequently you make wagers, you’ll be able to earn a certain amount of points. These points can be redeemed for prizes. Party Bets may even choose to send you on a first class flight to your favorite sporting event!

Be sure to check out some of the games and betting opportunities Party Bets has today!

Deposits and Withdrawals

How we claim our money back after we’ve won may be the most crucial component of any online gaming site. You can toss all of the features and options you want at the consumer – if their money is stuck in limbo they’ll be sure to forget about the bells and whistles and focus on what’s most important; getting paid.

Party Bets is solid in this category because they’ve processed financial payments in a timely fashion for years on end. They have a variety of both deposit and withdrawal options, and depending on which one you use you can expect different durations of processing time. However, they’ve listed the average time each method takes and they rarely differ in reality.

Here are a few of the methods they use for depositing and withdrawing funds:

Credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets (NETELLER, Skrill, etc) and many more.

Be sure to check out some of the games and betting opportunities Party Bets has today!