Making a Poker Deposit

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I know a lot of new players are afraid to put money online into a poker account. Don’t be! Many online poker rooms are publicly traded companies that would never do anything to hurt their image. The sites are working for you to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

There are are a whole bunch to deposit money into your online poker accounts. The most popular one is Neteller, which is just like paypal except for casinos and poker rooms. You transfer funds from your bank account to your neteller account, and from there you can move your cash in and out of casinos and back to your bank account whenever you feel.

Signing up for Neteller

The first step to starting your neteller account is to visit the Neteller website and clicking ‘open account’. Alright maybe you figured that out already. Registering is really easy so just follow the on screen instructions making sure you don’t misspell anything

After you get your confirmation email you’ll be brought to a page where you have to enter personal information like your address and phone number. They actually call you up when you make your first deposit to confirm that it really is you.

The next step is to enter your birthday and last for digits of your social security number. You have to be 18 to use Neteller, which works out perfect because you need to be 18 to play online poker as well. Asking for digits of your social security number is just another way to keep Neteller as secure as possible. Just click continue and you’re signed up and ready to log in.

The email they send you will give you an account ID and a secure ID, which you will need when moving money to an online poker or casino account and for logging in.

Depositing Money into Neteller

When you log into your account for the first time they’ll present yo with a series of deposit options. With all of them besides the credit card, you need to verify your bank account. They’ll put two small deposits, less then a dollar, into your real bank account. When you go to the ATM or get your bank statement, you’ll see these and you just need to type it into their website to verify your account. These annoying security details are a good thing!

With the instacash option they’ll immediately put the funds into your account, before they even get a transfer from your bank, but the fees are larger. I’ve only had to make one deposit into neteller (I’m really lucky :)), and used an online check. You just need to grab your checkbook and fill out the routing number, account number, check number, and the amount you want to deposit. It’s really easy and the fee’s are low.

Now you’re all set! you can freely transfer money into and out of various poker and casino sites without any more fees. The only time you’ll be hit with a charge from Neteller is when you deposit money from your bank to your account.

There are other ways to fund your poker account besides Neteller, but this is by far the most popular way. FirePay uses a similar system, and is also pretty good, but not all casino sites and poker rooms accept them. Now just sign up for a poker room or a Casino and have fun!

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