High Stakes at Full Tilt Poker

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Full Tilt Poker (Mac poker site) just added some high stakes tables… High Stakes.

They increased their limit games up to $500/$1,000 for Hold’em and Stud H/L, and $1000/$2000 in Omaha H/L and Stud. They also added $100/$200 and $200/$400 pot limit Omaha tables. You won’t find stakes higher then this anywhere else online, and probably not live either.

It’s 5:30am est. here, and there’s a ton of action at the high limit tables on Full Tilt Poker. The $200/$400 PLO table with a $40,000 buy-in is filled up with hyper aggressive players who are throwing around money like it’s nothing. The average pot is $12k, with $50k+ pots not uncommon. The biggest winner, so far, is Spirit Rock (Prahlad Friedman). He won a $85,000 pot (image below) and is up to more then $170k. John Juanda is also in the game, but hasn’t built up a good stack.

Mike Matusow is playing $100/$200 PLO with durrrr and johhnycash12. Matusow is up $40,000, which is a rare sight. He’s usually going bust and rebuying.

The $1000/$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo game is running with Ram Vaswani and Luigi66369 (possibly Patrik Antonius). Ram seems to be down about $100k (50 big bets), but that’s not too much in a heads up game.

When online poker first started, the high stakes games were $10/$20 limit at True Poker. It’s come a long way since that. The games like we’re seeing on Full Tilt Poker used to only be played in private cardrooms that were kept from the public eye. Now anyone can watch and chat with the players, or play if you have the buy-in.

High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha

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  1. Christian Kjellström

    Smart move by Full Tilt. High limits attract the big cash game players. Big cash game players attract observers. Observers start playing.

    $1k/$2k limit online is insane 🙂 With online play being so quick one could really tilt away alot of cash there, especially heads up, at a short period of time 🙂


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