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DurrrrOnline poker names:

Durrrr on Full Tilt Poker
Hold_emNL on PokerStars
Real Name: Tom Dwan
Age: Born 1987
Location: Texas

Who is Tom Dwan?

Tom Dwan A.K.A. Durrrr is one of the most well known online poker pros. He plays in the biggest NL and PLO cash games online against seasoned pros, like Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen. He’s most well known from his online name, ‘Durrrr’, because he was not old enough to make a name for himself live as Tom Dwan when he first started playing.

Durrrr started playing $6 sit and gos online and worked his way up from there. His biggest win to date in a single cash game session is over $500,000. He attributes reaching the stakes he plays today from a combination of luck, skill, and easy opponents.

Durrrr’s best game is No limit holdem, but he also plays a lot of pot limit omaha, because he says most players are clueless in that game. He’s also big into multi-tabling, usually running 8 or more tables at once across multiple poker sites.

According to Sbrugby, A regular opponent of Durrrr’s, Durrrr plays his hands strongly based on reads. He’ll fold the second nuts if he thinks he’s beat, but at the same time Durrrr won’t hesitate to call with nearly any two cards if he feels he’s ahead. His loose calls and seemingly carelessness for money make him a very difficult opponent.

Durrrr formally lived in a house he owns with Raptor517, paid for with poker winnings. They have nice cars, plasma screen TV’s everywhere, and lots of expensive toys. It’s the ultimate bachelor pad. Tom now lives in a high-rise condo in Las Vegas, NV, and is frequently seen hanging out with friend Antonio Esfandiari in nightclubs such as XS, Marquee, and Tryst.

Here’s some photos of the famous RapDurrrr house:

Durrrr computer
– Durrrr celebrating a win after hitting a river card.

Durrrr and Raptor517
– Yep, two huge TV’s. Why? Because they’re ballers!

*Photos courtesy of Bluff Magazine