Tip 7: Seat Selection

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Going hand and hand with poker table selection is seat selection. You want to have position over the loose players, so try and sit just to their left. They’re going to be raising and re-raising you and being on their left will allow you to control the action and exploit them.

If they come out raising, you can immediately 3 bet if you have a pretty good hand, which will force everyone else out, unless they have a premium hand. Then you’ll be able to face and out play the loose player heads up.

Having the weak tight, or ABC players in front of you will enable you to pick up a bunch of uncontested pots. These are the guys who will fold unless they have a premium hand, and then play weak post flop if their hand doesn’t improve.

So always keep table and seat selection in mind when you’re playing, and it will be hard not to win.

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