Mac Poker Sites Pulling out of the USA

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Due to the recent gambling legislation, a few Mac poker sites have pulled out of the USA market. For the poker players living under a rock for the past few weeks, corrupt senator Bill Frist snuck a bill to try to prevent banks from allowing transfers to poker sites into the unrelated Port Security Act.

Party Poker and 888 (Pacific Poker), have both immediately announced that they are pulling out of the USA. Don’t panic – online poker is still safe and very much alive. Everyone is allowed to cash out there money securely. The actions that Party Poker and 888 took were very drastic and will hurt them.

There’s still a bunch of sites accepting US players, and who have no plans to stop. Many are actually using this to their advantage to recruit the millions of players who will leave Party Poker and 888. Full Tilt Poker has already announced that they won’t be pulling out of the US market, because what they are doing is completely legal.

What we’re going to see during the next few months is merely a shift. Some poker rooms that have been dominating the online industry for years will lose their customers, while others ones will rise to the top. As long as banks are still allowing transfers to Neteller, we don’t have a big problem.

Currently the best Mac poker site to play at is Full Tilt Poker. All three of these sites have announced that they will continue to allow Americans to play poker.

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