Updates to Poker on a Mac

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It’s update time! Over the next few months there’s a few thing I plan to update to Poker on a Mac, to increase the quality and information. Most will involve content and organization.

One feature that needs to be redone is the Poker Strategy section. I haven’t been able to put up new articles or poker strategy, because if the current way it’s organized.

To fix this, I’ll split it up into two sections. One will be for poker strategy, like calculating pot odds, bluffing online, and strategy for all the major poker games. It will range from beginner to really advanced strategies. Each strategy article will be linked from a clearly organized static page.

The other will be for poker articles, which will be organized just like the Mac poker news. Articles will consist of content like, online vs live poker, dealing with poker variance, and Optimal online poker setups. You’ll also be able to subscribe to to the article feed with your favorite feed reader (I use the safari bookmark bar)

Something fairly new to Mac poker is the ability to use windows on your Intel Mac, without any performance issues. This gives us a much greater selection of poker rooms to choose from. To grow with this changing industry, I’ll provide a list and reviews of the best windows poker rooms, similar to how the Mac Poker Room page is set up.

There’s a few other features I hope to provide for Mac poker players, but i’ll surprise you with those later :).

As always, I’m open to comments and suggestions. You can reply to any of these news posts or send me an email.

3 Responses to “Updates to Poker on a Mac”

  1. Mike

    I know, I was so excited when party finally released a Mac version! To bad they stopped accepting US players a month later :(. Good thing we have Full Tilt Poker as a Mac and US poker room.

    Thanks for the compliments, I like your site to. I’ve been really into finance and investing lately. I added 22dollars to my feed reader, so hopefully i’ll learn a few things.

  2. Chad

    Nice site. I can’t tell you how long I have waited for Party Poker to make a real Mac version of the software. Stop telling me to just install “Virtual PC”! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  3. Chad

    I know Mike – I was pretty upset too. Even when they claim they did launch a “Mac” version, it was just a javascript that ran in the browser and it wouldn’t even let me play for real money. This is a distant cry from a “Mac” version if you ask me. I guess I will keep waiting for something better to come along. Cheers!


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