The Changing Face of American Online Poker

There has been a lot of confusion as to what the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” outlaws, and what it allows, under U.S. law. There hasn’t been another new law passed that has been this controversial, and surrounded by so … Continued

PokerStars Mac Version – Slow and Steady

I know we’ve all been waiting for PokerStars to release the Mac version of their poker room. I first announced that they were testing the alpha version back in february 06. Well I just got note of PokerStars latest updated … Continued

The Dangers of Playing Loose Poker

Conservative poker playing can be frustrating to many beginning players, but it is necessary. While there are players who play “looser” and are successful, all good poker playing over the long term starts with basic conservative play and moves on … Continued

7 HUGE 40k Omaha Hi Games Running

The high stakes poker action on Full Tilt never ceases to amaze me. Tonight there’s seven $40,000 Omaha Hi tables, with over $2,750,000 spread out between them. The average pot ranges from $10k to $30k, with $100k+ pots not uncommon … Continued

Quitting while you’re behind

Sbrugby made an interesting observation about how Phil Ivey plays. “He always leaves after losing a big pot so once he dropped the 100 he left. I think this is a very good strategy for him and I admire his … Continued