7 HUGE 40k Omaha Hi Games Running

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High Stakes Omaha Hi

The high stakes poker action on Full Tilt never ceases to amaze me. Tonight there’s seven $40,000 Omaha Hi tables, with over $2,750,000 spread out between them. The average pot ranges from $10k to $30k, with $100k+ pots not uncommon at all.

The tables feature well known players such as Brian Townsend (sbrugby), Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius (Luigi66369), David Benyamine, Joe Cassidy (CoeJassidy), and John Juanda, along with a few unknowns mixed in.

Durrrr is the biggest winner so far tonight. He’s sitting with over$1,250,000 between the tables. If you subtract his buy-in’s, that would put him up $920,000, however It’s likely that he’s had to rebuy a few times before accumulating so many chips, so he’s probably ahead between 500k and 700k.

If you happen to be awake right now, keep an eye out on table ‘Eginton’ on Full Tilt Poker. Both Durrrr and and Patrik Antonius (Luigi66369) each have over $250,000 at the table. If they clash with each other, we may see the largest single pot in online poker history.

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