Brian Townsend Loses $3,000,000

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Brian Townsend

They say that as long as you continue playing poker, you’ll eventually hit a run worse then you ever thought possible. Brian Townsend is no exception. In his latest blog entry he confesses to having a $3,000,000 downswing

Brian Townsend plays in the $40,000 buy-in NL and PLO games on Full Tilt Poker and up to $100,000 NL and PLO live. A $3,000,000 downswing is of course huge, but not unthinkable at the stakes he’s playing these days. It’s equivalent to about 40 buy-ins.

He plans to take a few weeks off if the downswing continues, but he’s confident that he’ll make a comeback. However, cards have no memory, so just because he hit a large downswing doesn’t make him any more likely to rebound.

Brian Townsend is a really smart poker player and I find it hard to believe that he’ll let himself go broke. You might not see him playing $40,000 heads up cash games on Full Tilt Poker with Phil Ivey for a while though.

7 Responses to “Brian Townsend Loses $3,000,000”

  1. Opal: The Mac Diva

    That’s a lot of money to lose! I didn’t really think about people playing poker online until recently. I saw a story about it.

  2. Tyler

    the blinds they were playing live were 1k/2k so it was not anywhere near 40 Buyins

  3. richiebklyn

    This is simply a very small dent in a very big truck!

  4. The Shane

    The Shane says sbrugby is a lucky player… made all his money off rivers and shit… has very little skill… The Shane knows the score… don’t listen to the media… over and out…

    peace and love,

    The Shane

  5. Derek

    The Shane is an idiot

  6. Andrew Menninger

    Brian is one of the smartest- and THE most level headed and conservative- person I know. He Knew exactly what he was doing when he made these bets, and don’t think for a minute he didn’t weigh the possibility of losing this much money when he made this decision. People can talk s–t, and that’s fine, but Brian will be the one who retires at 30 and gets his PhD merely because he’s bored. A lot of you guys out there will make more money than Brian, but he is-and will remain- the most level headed person I know.

    Keep It Real,



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